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2015 AEC/AE Institute Advisory Board Goals

May 1, 2012: 


Committee/Subcommittee/Forum Name: Association Executives Institute Advisory Board
Chair: Carol Seal, RCE/Rob Philipp, CA, RI
Vice Chair: Theresa Hatton, RCE
Liaison: Stephanie Walker

Leadership President's Job Profile

April 27, 2012: 

This sample job description for large associations comes from the REALTOR® Association Models Planning Tool. Use it as a starting point for undertanding the unique duties of a Leadership Association president and for setting personal goals.

Management President's Job Profile

April 27, 2012: 

This sample job description corresponds to the Models Planning Tool and will help you address the needs of a REALTOR® association that fits the Management model.

Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) Policy

April 23, 2012: 

In 2002, a work group of the Finance Committee was formed at the direction of the NAR Treasurer to consider several issues and questions about NAR’s dues collection policies



April 16, 2012: 

Looking for a REALTOR® Leadership Program Facilitator? Contact one of the following people.

AE Jobs

April 12, 2012: 

REALTOR® associations' job openings can be posted free of charge for four consecutive weeks. Job openings are updated twice weekly (every Monday and Wednesday). Please keep your job descriptions to 100 words or less. To place an ad, call Debra Jordan at 312-329-8304 or email djordan@realtors.org.

2013 BOD Appointments

April 12, 2012: 

Each year four association executives are appointed to the NAR Board of Directors (one state AE, two local AEs, and one regional MLS AE). This form allows you to apply for an AE spot on the Board of Directors.

2013 AEC Key Liaison Appointments

April 12, 2012: 

This form is used to submit applications for liaisons to 2013 key committees.

REALTOR® Rally Video: NVAR Shows Its Spirit

April 12, 2012: 

The Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®, while leveraging NAR resources, explains the importance of the Rally to Protect the American Dream to encourage a strong turnout.

Illinois Value of Membership Videos Win National Award

April 11, 2012: 

A series of YouTube videos created by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® to promote its services, resources, and tools for REALTORS®, won an EXCEL Award of excellence in June from Association Media & Publishing, formerly known as the Society of National Association Publications. View the videos at www.youtube.com/illinoisrealtor.