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AE Committee Reports and Minutes

April 5, 2012: 

Here you can access the meeting minutes and reports from various AEC committees and workgroups.

Sample Course Outline for Code of Ethics Training (For New Members)

April 5, 2012: 

Boards and associations may deliver the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation in a variety of formats.

Membership Qualification Criteria for REALTOR® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® Applicants That are Non-principals

April 5, 2012: 

Applicants for REALTOR® membership who are other than sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers or branch office managers of a real estate firm; or applicants for REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® membership may be required to supply satisfactory evidence that they have the following.

Membership Qualification Criteria for REALTOR® Applicants That Are Principals

April 5, 2012: 

Applicants for REALTOR® Membership who are sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers in a real estate firm may be required to supply satisfactory evidence that they have:


Membership Qualification Criteria

April 4, 2012: 

The NAR Membership Qualification Criteria are the most rigorous qualifications which may be required by an Association of REALTORS® in the consideration of an applicant for REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® membership.

Membership Policy Statements

April 4, 2012: 

Statements of membership policy related to implementation of Board of Choice and other matters.

Supporting Forms, Materials and Information

April 4, 2012: 

Supporting forms, materials and informaiton for implementing a local dispute resolution system (DRS) for buyers and sellers

Membership Policy and Procedures Overview

April 4, 2012: 

Information related to the many aspects of membership policy and procedures for boards/associations, including: how policies are created, purpose and functions of local and state associations, the three-way agreement, Board of Choice, and much more.

Guidelines for Considering, Adopting, and Implementing a DRS Arbitration Program

April 4, 2012: 

Arbitration is an informal hearing in front of a neutral third party or panel, the arbitrator(s), who discovers the facts of the dispute through testimony and evidence and then renders a final determination of the dispute, called an arbitration award.

Harassment Complaint Policy

April 4, 2012: 

Local Associations may, at their discretion, adopt the following harassment policy as part of their association bylaws. If adopted, the procedures that follow should be used when considering complaints alleging harassment of association employees by members.