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Shared Services Assessment Guide

March 30, 2012: 

The Shared Services Assessment Guide helps an association identify essential functions it wants to manage "hands-on" vs. activities for outsourcing or strategic partnering.

Professional Development for Volunteer Leaders

March 29, 2012: 

Take advantage of the opportunities NAR offers for professional development of its state and local elected leadership.

Presidents' Activities at NAR Meetings

March 29, 2012: 

These are the activities specifically planned for local and state presidents at NAR’s annual meeting, the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, and NAR’s Midyear meeting.


March 29, 2012: 

NAR’s national conferences and meetings offer valuable information and opportunities for association presidents, staff, and other volunteer leaders. Don’t miss these key events and activities.

AE's Job Profile

March 29, 2012: 

Sample description of a an Executive Vice President's role within an association.

Administrative President's Job Profile

March 29, 2012: 

This sample job description corresponds to the Models Planning Tool and will help you address the needs of a REALTOR® association that fits the Administrative model.

Recipients by State

March 29, 2012: 

Blank, 1994

Leo Saunders, 1999

Dale Colby, 2001

Richard Rosenthal, 2005

Janet Scavo, 1997

Ted Bryant, 2001

Ronald L. Myles, 2004

Adorna Carroll, 2011

*L. Allen Morris, 1979

*Howard Babcock, 1981

*Jack Korenblit, 1990

Michael Owen, 2008


March 28, 2012: 
  1. Robert Arkley, Vermont
  2. Joan Ballantyne, Iowa
  3. Benjamin Blair, Kansas
  4. Montie Box, Oklahoma
  5. David H. Bradley, Massachusetts
  6. Ted Bryant, Colorado
  7. Stephen R. Casper, Ohio
  8. Dale Colby, California
  9. Adorna Carroll, Connecticut
  10. Virginia Cook, Texas
  11. Paul Everson, Ohio
  12. Joseph Funkhouser, Virginia
  13. Owen V.

The REALTOR® Emeritus Program

March 28, 2012: 

In this video, Senior Information Specialist Mary Glick discusses the advantages of REALTOR® Emeritus status and the steps one takes to earn this designation.

Inman 100 List Includes AE Leaders

March 27, 2012: 

The Inman 100 report, which annually recognizes the most influential people in the real estate industry, includes a number of association executives in their 2011 list.