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2012 Chief Staff Review Work Group Roster

March 30, 2012: 


Kathy Roberts, RCE
Sarasota Association of REALTORS® (FL)

Vice Chair

Jenny Pakula, RCE
Oregon Association of REALTORS®

Work Group Me​mbers

Carol Austin, CAE
Greater Tampa Association REALTORS® (FL)

Byron Bogaard
Central Valley Association of REALTORS® (CA)

2012 AE Mentor Work Group Roster

March 30, 2012: 

Contact information for the 2012 AE Mentor Work Group.


March 30, 2012: 

Find answers to your questions about shared services.

2014 State AEC Chairs and Vice Chairs

March 30, 2012: 

A list of contact information for 2014 State AEC chairs and vice chairs.

2012 Committee Goals: AEC AEI Subcommittee

March 30, 2012: 

A list of goals for the AEC AEI Subcommittee.

Summary of AEC Programs, Products, and Services

March 30, 2012: 

The AE section on REALTOR.org includes news items, highlights of current events, association management tools, and information on AE committees, programs, products, and services.

Case Studies

March 30, 2012: 

This page describes how to set up shared services and read case studies.

Shared Services Assessment Guide

March 30, 2012: 

The Shared Services Assessment Guide helps an association identify essential functions it wants to manage "hands-on" vs. activities for outsourcing or strategic partnering.

Professional Development for Volunteer Leaders

March 29, 2012: 

Take advantage of the opportunities NAR offers for professional development of its state and local elected leadership.

Presidents' Activities at NAR Meetings

March 29, 2012: 

These are the activities specifically planned for local and state presidents at NAR’s annual meeting, the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, and NAR’s Midyear meeting.