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Research: How to Identify Member Needs

March 19, 2012: 

Collecting member data can be accomplished in a number of different ways. The decision depends on what you need to know; where the information resides; resources and time available; complexity of the data to be collected; and if you want to repeat the process in the future to measure change.

Target Audience and Member Outreach

March 19, 2012: 

When defining the value proposition, local associations need to identify their target audiences. Who are you looking to attract through your programs, products, and services? Brokers should be a target audience since they have the power to increase or decrease membership.

Steps to Get Started

March 19, 2012: 

This checklist provides an overview of what you need to consider as you develop your association’s value proposition statement.

What Is A Value Proposition?

March 19, 2012: 

A value proposition is the unique statement of the value an association offers its members. It differentiates why being a member is different than not being one. It’s the reason members should pay their dues, invest in a class, or invest in new technology. It is a promise of what they will receive in exchange for their investment.

There are a number of reasons to create a value proposition for your association:

AEC AE Mentor Work Group Summary

March 17, 2012: 

Work Group Purpose

To determine the need for an AE mentor group and develop guidelines and parameters for creating such a group, if warranted.


Work group members discussed the need for an NAR-hosted AE mentor program.  There was a consensus among work group members that a national AE mentor group is needed.

Promotional Materials

March 14, 2012: 

Associations that are hosting a REALTOR® Leadership Program course locally can use the following flyers to promote the course.

Communities and Resources

March 9, 2012: 

The following communities and resources connect AEs with their peers and support them in their roles as association managers.

Pacific West Association of REALTORS®

March 9, 2012: 

See how this association used YouTube to encourage online dues payment. 

Special Events Schedule

March 5, 2012: 

Special Events At-A-Glance

AE Institute Welcome Lounge

Friday, March 13, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Travel and Hotel

March 5, 2012: 

Hotel accommodations are available to all attendees at the headquarters hotel.