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Value Positioning Toolkit

March 1, 2012: 

Welcome to the Value Positioning Toolkit, which is designed to help associations establish a value proposition and promote the value of membership.

Association Leadership Development (ALD) Staff Directory

March 1, 2012: 

Here's your guide to the Association Leadership Development department staff.

Technology Survey of REALTOR® Associations

March 1, 2012: 

The Technology Survey of REALTOR® Associations is a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® survey of state and local associations' use of technology tracking programs, products, budgets, hurdles, and success stories.

Examples of REALTOR® Association Benevolent Funds

February 28, 2012: 

REALTOR Associations nationwide are creating benevolent funds. Explore these associations for examples.

REALTOR® Association Benevolent Funds

February 28, 2012: 

Several state and local associations seek to assist their members and others in times of extraordinary need or due to hardships beyond the person’s control, such as floods, fire, or illness.

Leadership 300

February 27, 2012: 

This advanced course REALTOR® Leadership Program is for leaders of all kinds–individual leaders, organizational leaders and association leaders–who are interested in advancing their skills.

Leadership 200

February 27, 2012: 

This intermediate-level course in the REALTOR® Leadership Program is designed to help you understand the benefits of leadership development, the role of leaders in REALTOR® associations, how to develop strategic planning skills, manage risk and gain confidence in your role as a leader.

Leadership 100

February 27, 2012: 

This course provides a comprehensive overview to give you the confidence you need to pursue a leadership role with the REALTOR® association.

REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP)

February 27, 2012: 

The REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP) is designed to produce quality REALTOR® leaders that are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead local and state associations.

New! Based on your feedback, Leadership 200 and Leadership 300 have expanded to allow 100 attendees to accommodate demand at the local and state level.

Volunteer for the AEC

February 27, 2012: 

Learn about how to volunteer to serve on the Association Executives Committee.