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July 2012: Top Mistakes in Tenant Representation

July 12, 2012: 

A 2012 Signature Series Speaker, Gregory P. Schenk, SIOR, president, Schenk Company, Inc. discusses some of the top mistakes tenants are now making when looking for tenant representation among their brokers.

Moe Veissi Discusses the Rally to Protect the American Dream on XM Radio

June 7, 2012: 

Hear an interview with NAR President Moe Veissi on XM radio where he talked about the Rally to Protect the American Dream and why real estate and home ownership still rank high among Americans.

May 29, 2012: A Rally for All Real Estate

May 29, 2012: 

2012 NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong recaps the successful Rally to Protect the American Dream, and what it meant for commercial real estate. Plus, he'll share some exciting news about a new partnership that will provide REALTORS in the commercial sector with a powerful new way to do business.

May 2012 Podcast: Risks in Listing and Leasing Vacant Property

May 23, 2012: 

Attorney Thomas Gregory discusses legal risks associated with listing and leasing vacant properties and offers risk management tips that licensees can use to mitigate their risk.

April 24, 2012: Advocacy and Advantage

April 24, 2012: 

2012 NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong encourages commercial practitioners to attend the Rally to Protect the American Dream on May 17—an event that will promote not just home ownership but all real property.

April 2, 2012: Protecting Our REALTOR® Trademark

April 2, 2012: 

In the April 2 edition of "Mondays with Moe," 2012 NAR President Moe Veissi explains why our brand, the REALTOR "R", sets members of the National Association of REALTORS® apart.