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Aug. 4, 2011: Substantive Action

August 4, 2011: 

With the debt ceiling debate now concluded, 2011 NAR President Ron Phipps looks ahead to three upcoming challenges facing REALTORS®: extending loan limits and flood insurance, both of which are set to expire on Sept. 30., and preserving and protecting the mortgage interest deduction. He asks NAR members to meet with their members of Congress to urge substantive action on these three critical issues.

Send a message to your member of Congress about reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Program and extending loan limits through the REALTOR® Action Center:

August 2011: FTC Stays MARS Rule Enforcement

August 1, 2011: 

The Federal Trade Commission's Tom Pahl explains the rationale for the FTC's action on the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule and what it means for real estate professionals. In addition, NAR's Charlie Dawson discusses the next steps following the FTC's action.

July 26, 2011: Industrial Sector Making Progress

July 26, 2011: 

In this month's edition of the Commercial Podcast, NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong updates members on the industrial sector. He discusses the increased demand for industrial space—from 11.2 million square feet in 2010 to 126 million square feet in 2011—and provides insight on the increase in U.S. manufacturing and exports.

July 19, 2011: Home Ownership Matters Hits the Road, Again

July 19, 2011: 

2011 NAR President Ron Phipps kicks off the second half of NAR's Home Ownership Matters bus tour at the first stop in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next 4 months, 33 states and more than 12,000 miles NAR will be bringing the message that home ownership matters to communities both large and small.

June 28, 2011: Dangers of Qualified Commercial Real Estate Loan Standards

June 28, 2011: 

NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong updates members on a policy proposal that could be disastrous for commercial real estate. It's called QCRE, and it refers to "qualified commercial real estate" loan standards proposed by the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law.

June 22, 2011: Sensible Policies, Please

June 22, 2011: 

2011 NAR President Ron Phipps talks about once again battling government policies that prevent consumers from getting mortgages. He discusses the pitfalls of the qualified residential mortgage (QRM) policy proposal requiring consumers to put 20 percent down to make a mortgage "safe." He also talks about the dangers of the current FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac loan limits set to expire on Sept. 30, and asks REALTORS® to answer the call for action to make them permanent.