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April 26, 2011: REALTORS® Make Progress on Lease Accounting Rules

April 26, 2011: 

In the April 26, 2011, edition of the commercial podcast, 2011 NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong reports on three important wins REALTORS® gained recently concerning lease accounting rules, refinancing commercial loans, and the repeal of the 1099 rule.

Issue summary: All About Lease Accounting Rules
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April 18, 2011: Short Sales, Qualified Residential Mortgages, and Budget Battles

April 18, 2011: 

2011 NAR President Ron Phipps discusses new legislation in Congress aimed at putting a deadline on lenders responding to short sales. He also explains the effects the "qualified residential mortgages" (QRM) and the current budget discussions could have on our industry.

REALTORS® Applaud Bill to Speed Lender Response to Short Sales

QRM: How Will High Downpayment Rule Hurt Home Buyers?

April 5, 2011: What America Needs

April 5, 2011: 

2011 NAR President Ron Phipps sends a clear message to Congress that America needs a strong secondary mortgage market and encourages members to raise their voices on the MID.

Answer the Call for Action on the MID

Basics of GSEs

March 29, 2011: New Legislation to Open Commercial Real Estate Markets

March 29, 2011: 

In the March 29, 2011, edition of the commercial podcast, 2011 NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong discusses legislation concerning credit unions, accelerated depreciation, and a covered bond market that could bring more liquidity into the commercial real estate market.

March 15, 2011: MID Benefits Middle Class

March 15, 2011: 

2011 NAR President Ron Phipps discusses how the mortgage interest deduction predominantly benefits the middle class and how we need to make our state and local lobbying efforts just as effective as our lobbying efforts on the national level.


Net Worth: Home Owners vs. Renters

March 1, 2011: Going Global Strengthens the Real Estate Market at Home

March 1, 2011: 

In his latest podcast, direct from Singapore, Ron explains how our work with global partners to stimulate the global real estate business complements NAR's efforts to strengthen the real estate market in the United States.