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Eric Boles

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau

Lakewood, WA
(800) 853-6294


Course length: 2-4 hours
Speaker fee: $5,500 + expenses
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Eric Boles is President of The GAME CHANGERS Inc., a training and consulting company based in Lakewood, WA. whose leadership, team and organizational development processes are used by some of the most recognized and successful companies in the world and have helped shape over a half a million successful leaders, managers and employees. His clients include Starbucks Coffee, Boeing, Microsoft, NASA, Alaska Airlines, AFLAC, Dunkin Donuts, State Farm Insurance, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army Rangers.

Eric is also a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, executive coach, trainer and consultant. Eric addresses nearly 100,000 men and women each year on the subjects of Leadership, Team, and Personal Effectiveness. Eric learned many of these high performance principles from his experiences in the National Football League (NFL) while playing with the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.

Course Descriptions

Fearless Leadership

In today's marketplace, the greatest challenge many of us face is overcoming our fears and developing the habit of courage. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the future, and other fears often hold us back. How do we overcome our fears? How do we fear less? If we don't learn how to conquer our fears, they tend to GROW! This course helps people, leaders, and salespeople work systematically to confront and minimize their fears and develop the habit of courage that will allow them to have a greater success both personally and professionally.

Selling Forward

Are you in a selling rut? Have you lost confidence in your abilities? Are you focused on the past? The new reality of high level selling is that we need to execute with greater speed and precision. We need to raise our game and become a "game changer" and quit hoping things will get better on their own. This course focuses on honestly and courageously evaluating how we use our time, know our product, develop relationships, serve the customer and take care of our No. 1 asset, ourselves.

Leading with Purpose

As high-performance leaders and managers, we need to become more intentional in how we lead, coach, mentor, and serve others. Learn how your influence grows alongside your commitment and ability to create superb relationships while adding value to the lives of those you lead and influence. Learn how to build trust through personal integrity, define and articulate a compelling vision, challenge and inspire for results and coach with greater purpose. Broaden your understanding of what is necessary to help you achieve outstanding results, both short- and long-term, from those you influence and serve.

Living in the New Reality

We always need to execute the fundamentals of high performance better. What are your limiting habits and attitudes? Are there self-imposed and mental limitations that are holding you back? Have you started to doubt yourself and your abilities? This program focuses on overcoming the barriers that we have allowed to "creep into" our personal and professional lives. We may know the fundamentals but do we do them? You'll walk out with new positive outlook, hope for a better future, updated goals, and a tool kit for greater personal and professional success.

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(800) 853-6294