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Strong Dollar and Foreign Home Sales

January 14, 2015: 

The dollar is strong again, which means that foreigners will face higher prices on American-made goods and will buy less of them, including real estate.

Immigration: One Key to Economic Development

January 13, 2015: 

Today, immigrants play an important role in economic growth across the United States where they start businesses and hire workers.

Unlocking Opportunities with Economic Development Organizations

January 13, 2015: 

Economic development organizations (EDOs) are an important part of the equation for bringing jobs and businesses to a particular geographic area, be it a city, county or state.

Economic Development: Key Channels to Boost Your Global Real Estate Practice

January 13, 2015: 

Economic development organizations (EDOs) exist to help businesses connect with global investors and customers.

October 2014: Foreign Direct Investment and Immigration

January 13, 2015: 

Learn how to identify and work with economic development organizations to tap into the stream of foreign investment in your market, and find important insights on how immigration is making a positive impact on the U.S. housing market.

Slideshow: Top 10 Home Projects Nationally In Terms of Costs Recouped at Resale

January 12, 2015: 

Here are the top 10 home projects nationally in terms of costs recouped at resale, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2015 Cost vs. Value report.

Small, Exterior Home Improvements Offer the Best Value Investments in 2015, Say Realtors®

January 12, 2015: 

Some remodeling and replacement projects add more value and better recoup their costs than others.

MIPIM 2015 Discount for NAR Members

January 12, 2015: 

NAR has negotiated a significant discount in registration fees for its members who wish to attend this commercial real estate conference in Cannes, France.

Appraisers Are Being Unfairly Targeted

December 30, 2014: 

In recent weeks, there have been a number of news articles involving appraisers, including some that have unfairly accused appraisers of inflating home values.