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Planning Done: Measuring the QM Rule’s Impact

February 17, 2014: 

NAR Research surveyed a sample of lenders with questions about the impact of the lending on their business and how the rule could in turn impact consumers.

NAR Tech Edge helps Realtors® Keep Abreast of the Latest Technologies

February 13, 2014: 

To help Realtors® keep up with the latest business technologies, NAR is continuing its one-day technology conference series, NAR Tech Edge.

More Buyers Show the Money at Closing

February 11, 2014: 

All-cash purchases are making up a bigger bulk of home sales, with one-third of REALTORS® saying they had at least one cash deal in December, according to a recent survey.

Updated: Valuations Issue Summary

February 11, 2014: 

Topics include appraiser geographic competency, appraiser independence, and the ineffectiveness of the appraisal appeals processes.

December 2013: Overseas Retirement

February 7, 2014: 

More and more people are taking the plunge or seriously considering retiring abroad. This issue looks at retiring abroad from a global real estate perspective. You'll learn about the major trends and what's driving them, the ways in which developers and countries are courting retirees, and the top international investment locations. You'll also learn more about how to go after this business.

The Danger of Always Being On

February 5, 2014: 

Arianna Huffington told real estate professionals they need to change their mindset in order to strike better work-life balances across the board.

FHA Moves to Accept E-Signatures

February 5, 2014: 

The Federal Housing Administration announced that it will allow lenders to start accepting electronic signatures on sales contracts.

With International Clients, It's Less About Money

February 4, 2014: 

To successfully navigate negotiations with global buyers, real estate agents need to be alert to buying signs and cultural taboos.

Take TAF's Appraisal Practice Survey

February 1, 2014: 

Help identify tasks and competencies reflective of a real estate appraiser in order to update the content outlines for the AQB examinations.

Homes Purchased by Buyer Type

January 30, 2014: 

This interactive infographic presents type of home purchased, by buyer type, between July 2012 and June 2013. of a survey conducted with home buyers who purchased a home between July 2012 and June 2013.