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Why You Should 'Yahoo' Yourself

January 27, 2014: 

Yahoo has become the most visited web destination, beating out Google for the past six months.

Over-the-Top Amenities Push Buyers Away

January 14, 2014: 

If your buyer's dream house doesn't include a bowling alley or movie theater, you'll probably skip over these listings... and that's a problem for some celebrities.

Franchise Breaks into Magazine Business

January 14, 2014: 

Realty One Group is debuting a consumer-targeted print and online magazine this month in the hopes that it will help raise its visibility as a franchise brand nationwide.

The Best of CES for Real Estate

January 14, 2014: 

Here’s a rundown from the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show, and some of our picks for emerging technology trends.

You Can't Pay for Experience

January 14, 2014: 

While you can pay for an amazing website, for placement on Google, and even for leads, spending money will never prove that you have experience.

A Bright Idea? Smart Light Bulbs Debut at CES

January 14, 2014: 

Wi-Fi-connected, long-lasting LED bulbs are breaking ground in the lighting industry.

Surviving the Relo Relay

January 14, 2014: 

In her new book, Home Sweet Homes: How Bundt Cakes, Bubble Wrap, and My Accent Helped Me Survive Nine Moves, Diane Laney Fitzpatrick gets into the nitty gritty of these ugly, cross-country relocations.

Wintertime Tips to Keep Landscaping Safe

January 9, 2014: 

Lawn care is typically a spring and summertime activity, but in the dead of winter — even one as brutal as this has been — there’s still plenty you can do to protect your landscaping.

Homes Are Getting Smarter, More Connected

January 9, 2014: 

Several technology companies at the Consumer Electronics Show this week are spotlighting new devices that further the experience of living in a smart home.

Give Your Sales Meetings Value

January 8, 2014: 

Here are some quick tips for brokers looking to raise the caliber of their sales meetings to better train agents.