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Planning for 2014 Together

December 20, 2013: 

Do you have an outrageous goal for next year? Consider getting the whole company on board.

Chinese Buyers Are Coming to America

December 11, 2013: 

Chinese buyers are becoming big purchasers of U.S. property, viewing it as a "safe haven for their wealth."

Advice for First-Time Home Buyers

December 11, 2013: 

The first time can be scary! Here are nine tips directly from real estate agents that will help guide your clients through every step of the home-buying process.

Trouble Ahead on Home Equity Loans?

December 11, 2013: 

One economist predicts a "wave of disaster" with the reset on many home equity lines of credit. Could this mean a big sell-off for homeowners whose monthly payments could more than triple?

Smartphone Database Aims to Prevent Thefts

December 11, 2013: 

The nation's four largest U.S. carriers and the Federal Communications Commission have banded together to create a national registry of lost and stolen phones.

How Much Income Home Buyers Need to Purchase

December 11, 2013: 

A new study estimates what home buyers in some of the biggest cities in the country need to earn in order to buy a median-priced home. In Cleveland, it's hardly anything. In San Francisco, it's a lot.

Making the Most of Your Buyers' Winter Search

December 11, 2013: 

The holidays are the perfect time of year for some home buyers to purchase a house and snag a great year-end deal — but limited inventory may be the Scrooge. Here's how some agents are handling it.

5 Tech Upgrades for Your Marketing

December 10, 2013: 

With more consumers seeking out listing photos or virtual tours, there are several technologies that could help real estate agents jazz up their marketing now — and in the future.

Home Trends to Get Bolder in 2014

December 9, 2013: 

From high-tech features to the favorite colors for 2014, here are a few predictions of what you'll see in home design next year.

Realtor.com®: 2013 Real Estate Review

December 7, 2013: 

It was a dynamic year in real estate. Take a look back at 2013’s hottest trends and read about predictions for 2014.