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Global Business Councils Directory

September 25, 2013: 

Find out if your local or state REALTOR® association has a Global Business Council.

Become a Military Relocation Pro

September 23, 2013: 

President Gary Thomas explains more about NAR's new Military Relocation Professional Certification.

How Sellers Can Save With Prelisting Inspections

September 23, 2013: 

Experts say getting a home inspection prior to listing helps remove some of the unknowns from the home-selling equation.

Buyers in a Hurry to Lock In Rates

September 23, 2013: 

As mortgage rates move up, buyers are moving in to secure interest rates before they're priced out of the market.

Fake Online Reviewers Face Penalties

September 23, 2013: 

More companies are getting caught posting fake online reviews raving about their products or services.

How Staging Can Eliminate Buyer Confusion

September 23, 2013: 

Learn how to transform rooms to help establish an emotional connection to a home's space.

Field Guide to Reverse Mortgages

September 20, 2013: 

(Updated September 2013)

A reverse mortgage can provide cash to homeowners who do not want to move but would like to tap the equity in their home by allowing senior citizens to borrow against the equity, but they can pose risks to homeowners. This page includes articles, books and websites relating to reverse mortgages. Books can be borrowed through the Information Central library by clicking on the book title. (D. McCormick, Operations Analyst)

Earnest Money Battles

September 20, 2013: 

These options may help buyers and sellers avoid lawsuits over contract breaches.

Passport at the Ready

September 20, 2013: 

Always adapting to market changes, Shari Chase built an international clientele for luxury homes.

From REALTOR® Magazine: Online Oversight

September 20, 2013: 

Adopting and enforcing clear digital use policies reduces your brokerage’s potential liability.