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Predictive Analytics Helping to Boost Real Estate Business

November 9, 2013: 

Predictive analytics, or evaluating and interpreting data to predict future outcomes and trends, is helping the real estate industry better understand transaction and market data and use it to benefit the industry, agents and consumers.

Overly Restrictive FHA Rules Making it Harder for Consumers to Buy, Sell Condos

November 9, 2013: 

While the Federal Housing Administration has loosened its condominium approval requirements in recent years, many properties continue to struggle to meet overly stringent criteria and the majority of properties are being denied.

Why Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Client Base

November 6, 2013: 

You know that customer testimonials are important to your business, but do you know just how important they are?

Emerging Smartphone Trend: Flexible Screens

November 5, 2013: 

Companies are working on flexible-screen mobile devices that are so bendable they can fold multiple times to fit in your pocket or purse.

GoDaddy Will Not Sell .REALTOR Domains

November 1, 2013: 

NAR members should not pre-register or pay money to an outside company for a .REALTOR domain because NAR will be overseeing registrations starting next year.

'Cloud Office' Perks Attract Brokerages

October 31, 2013: 

The advantages of conducting business in the Internet "cloud" are making the model more appealing than virtual offices.

Twitter Feeds Get Photo, Video Previews

October 31, 2013: 

Twitter is adding photo and video previews to users' timelines, making the photos and videos visible in users' feeds without having to click a link.

Realtors® Advocate Housing Finance System Overhaul That Protects Taxpayers and Access to Credit

October 29, 2013: 

On behalf of the leading advocate for homeownership and housing issues, NAR President Gary Thomas recommended essential reforms to the current housing finance structure that will benefit consumers.

August 2013: International Students

October 29, 2013: 

Universities and college in the U.S. and around the world are reaching out beyond their borders, hoping to include substantial numbers of foreign students into their incoming classes. Foreign students (and their parents) are often investing in more than tuition - property may be on their radar too. There are numerous angles for selling to this market and using it to expand your global business. Find out how.

Slideshow: Research Resource Guide

October 28, 2013: 

Explore the wealth of statistical research NAR provides to help you focus your business, help your clients, and plan for the months ahead.