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Sellers Can Use Their FHA, VA Loans as Marketing Tool

September 20, 2013: 

Home owners who have a Federal Housing Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs loan may be able to sell their home and include their mortgage with it as an added perk.

Are Rising Home Prices Prompting More Divorces?

September 20, 2013: 

As home prices rise, some unhappy couples are seeing it as an opportunity to part ways.

Mobile Real Estate Searches Exploding

September 20, 2013: 

A new survey shows that house hunters are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets for real estate searches. Find out when these tech-savvy consumers are online.

What Ranks High with Luxury Homebuyers

September 20, 2013: 

Luxury consumers are often viewed as trendsetters. A new survey reveals what luxury homebuyers are looking for in homes today and how can you help best meet their needs.

Volatile Market Makes Appraisals More Difficult

September 20, 2013: 

In markets where prices are booming, deciding on a home's value is a particularly tricky matter.

Most Are Skeptical of Online Privacy

September 20, 2013: 

Nearly 60 percent of adults don't believe it's possible to be completely anonymous online, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

Safety Tips Your Clients Should Heed

September 19, 2013: 

Since September is REALTOR® Safety Month, California's Silicon Valley association has offered some tips to its members to share with their home-buying clients.

New Certification: Military Family Relocation

September 19, 2013: 

NAR's Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council has debuted a new certification to help real estate professionals better meet the unique needs of relocating military members and their families.

Field Guide to Homeowner's Insurance

September 19, 2013: 

(Updated September 2013)

"Homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home and your personal property, as well as your personal legal responsibility (or liability) for injuries to others or their property while they're on your property."

Homeowner's insurance policies may include provisions for:

Flood Subsidies Phasing Out Unless Congress Acts

September 19, 2013: 

Any chance of the federal government delaying the phase-out of flood insurance subsidies coming down the pike rests entirely with Congress, because the Federal Emergency Management Agency doesn't have the authority to take action on its own.