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Ready to Buy, Sell: Move-Up Buyers Return

September 18, 2013: 

As home equity levels improve, the move-up buyer is back on the market.

Lenders Revive 'Lock and Shop' Programs

September 18, 2013: 

Some lenders are bringing back "lock and shop" programs to help home buyers lock in mortgage rates during their house-hunt so they won't need to fear rising rates.

Field Guide to Redesigning Association Websites

September 16, 2013: 

(Updated September 2013)
Web design has evolved dramatically since the Internet was founded. Is your association website W3 or ADA compliant? Do you use XML? Are your navigation menus logical and easy to use? Is the writing acceptable for the Web? Would a blog or twitter feed work on your site? Consult the information below for articles and helpful tips to assist in the redesign of your association's website for the 21st century. (D. Shumaker, Senior Library Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Credit Scoring

September 12, 2013: 

Credit scoring has become a serious issue in the lending community and it can affect your ability to obtain or refinance your next mortgage. This updated field guide includes articles and books relating to credit scoring.

Sales & Marketing Webinar Summit

September 11, 2013: 

Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ will be featured in REALTOR® University's upcoming sales and marketing webinar summit. Use discount code RUWSM13 to save $5.00 on registration.

Keep Your Site Safe From Cyber Attacks

September 10, 2013: 

An average of 30,000 web sites are identified as distributing malicious code to users every day, and many of these sites come from small business owners unaware of the problem.

What is the REALTOR® Content Resource (RCR)?

September 10, 2013: 

NAR's REALTOR® Content Resource provides free, original home ownership content you can use in your consumer communications. Share these articles in social media, on your blog or website, or in an e-mail or e-newsletter you send to clients.

Study: Facebook Hashtags Virtually Worthless

September 6, 2013: 

Facebook hashtags are not effective in generating viral reach, hype, and exposure, according to EdgeRank Checker, a Facebook analytics service.

Buyers Say Rising Rates are Painful

September 6, 2013: 

Buyers blame rising mortgage rates for making it more difficult to purchase a home and altering the pace of their home search, according to a new Redfin survey.

Keep Your Clients' Emotions in Check

September 6, 2013: 

Home buyers often let emotions cloud their judgment in real estate transactions. Here's how to help them avoid some of the most common emotionally driven mistakes.