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Flood Insurance: Our Latest Challenge

November 20, 2013: 

These presentation slides are from the webinar titled "Flood Insurance: Our Latest Challenge," given by Melanie McLane.

Realtors® Support Revamped Mortgage Disclosure Form

November 20, 2013: 

Realtors® applaud new rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will help home buyers receive timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand information about their mortgage loan before closing.

2013 NAR Global Award Winners

November 20, 2013: 

Each year, NAR recognizes its top international real estate professionals at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo. Read the list of the 2013 honorees.

Realtors® Demand Immediate Relief for Homeowners Impacted by Unforeseen and Exponential Increases in Flood Insurance Premiums

November 19, 2013: 

As the leading advocate for private property rights and housing issues, NAR strongly supports maintaining access to affordable flood insurance.

Is That a Drone in Your Bag?

November 15, 2013: 

In the not so distant future, drone technology may be part of your real estate toolkit.

VIDEO: Are You Modern to the Minute?

November 15, 2013: 

Learn why real estate professionals need to leave old methods of communication behind and move into the modern age of social media to promote their businesses.

Secrets to Rocking Online Reviews

November 15, 2013: 

Managing your social media streams effectively is essential to managing your professional reputation.

Agent, Appraiser: How Much Can We Talk?

November 14, 2013: 

One big misunderstanding between real estate agents and appraisers centers on how, when, and what they can communicate about the valuation process.

Fake Online Reviews Become Growing Problem

November 14, 2013: 

Many companies are finding themselves up against a rising number of fake online reviews.

Improving Communication Between Appraisers and Real Estate Agents Vital

November 10, 2013: 

Better communications between real estate agents and appraisers could help to minimize problems, according to panelists at the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo property valuation forum.