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How's Your Twitter Etiquette?

October 7, 2013: 

Looking to attract more Twitter followers? Here's why your follow button might be getting passed up.

Adobe Warns Cyber Attack May Affect 2.9M Users

October 7, 2013: 

The software company says a security breach may have resulted in 2.9 million of its customers' credit card and personal information falling into the hands of hackers.

Home Maintenance Checklist for the First Year

October 7, 2013: 

Once buyers move in to their new home, they should be prepared to conduct routine testing and make repairs to ensure they preserve that new-home appeal for a few years.

Want to Sell the Home Faster? Stage it First

October 7, 2013: 

The Real Estate Staging Association, a trade association for the staging industry, recently released some findings from a study using data from January 2012 to December 2012 that back up the message that staging matters.

Facebook Users Can Now Search Timelines

October 4, 2013: 

Facebook's new search function allows you to search status updates, photo captions, comments, and check-ins of your own and your network.

Older Home Buyers Less Willing to Compromise?

October 4, 2013: 

Older home shoppers are more picky in their home purchases than younger buyers, finds a new survey.

'Video Bios': The Next Wave of Branding

October 4, 2013: 

They are meant to show off your personality and let clients learn more about you and why they should work with you.

Cuba Makes it Legal to be a Real Estate Agent

October 4, 2013: 

Cuba has lifted its ban on real estate agents, making the profession one of several categories of independent employment that are now legal in the country.

Will Hottest Housing Markets Cool in 2014?

October 4, 2013: 

The top five housing markets for home-price appreciation could see a pullback come next year.

What Wealthy Buyers Want

October 2, 2013: 

In-home wine cellars and tennis courts are becoming passe among the wealthy. Find out what's on luxury buyers' top amenities list.