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New Years Resolutions for Home Renovations That Can Save Money

January 14, 2013: 

Here are some suggestions for a few New Year's resolutions to increase energy efficiency for homes in 2013.

6 Traits Buyers Desire in Their Agents

January 14, 2013: 

Learn what home buyers want from their real estate agents.

Scammers Target Minorities, Young and Old

January 14, 2013: 

Crooks in the home loan business historically circle the first and last rungs of the housing ladder.

Spruce Up Your Online Persona

January 11, 2013: 

Take a fresh look at your online efforts for the new year.

Snowbirds Race to Snatch up Housing Bargains in Florida

January 11, 2013: 

Canadians have traditionally been the dominant foreign buyers of Florida real estate, but now they're finding increased competition for housing deals from another group.

First-time Home Buyers Face Greater Competition

January 11, 2013: 

First-time home buyers once had a huge inventory of homes to choose from, but now they're finding tightened supplies and steeper competition for what's left.

No Cookies for You

January 11, 2013: 

If you set out to make a certain number of calls today, set out to get 100 "nos" instead. It'll take a few more calls, and yet, that extra call might mean extra business.

4 Strategies for Selling in 2013

January 10, 2013: 

AOL Real Estate recently asked industry insiders to offer up their best way to get a home sold in the New Year. Find out some of their secrets.

Scam Complaint Site Now Dormant

January 10, 2013: 

A suspicious Web site that had been misusing the REALTOR® trademark has now been suspended.

Selling in the Martian Market

January 9, 2013: 

Whether the Mars One project is successful in its aims or not, it seems likely that humans will set foot on that planet sometime in this century. What would selling real estate on Mars be like?