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NAR Honors the 2012 Top Global Business Councils

January 9, 2013: 

NAR has recognized 23 Global Business Councils as part of the 2012-2013 Global Business Council Achievement Program. Of those 23, four associations were given the Platinum Award, the program's highest distinction.

Have You Seen REALTOR® Mag's Digital Edition?

January 8, 2013: 

REALTOR® Magazine's latest issue is now available in digital form. Download the new app to view it on your tablet or smartphone or read it online.

Video: Introducing NAR REach™

January 8, 2013: 

NAR’s Managing Director, Constance Freedman, discusses NAR’s new REach™ program and how it can add value to companies and the real estate marketplace.

8 Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2013

January 7, 2013: 

Kitchens are a popular spot that home shoppers judge in a home. So what are the trends in this home hot spot for the coming year?

Study: Buyers Stay in Homes Longer

January 7, 2013: 

A new study reveals how long home buyers plan, on average, to remain in their homes before moving out.

Homes Get More High Tech

January 4, 2013: 

"There are smarter phones, so why not smarter homes?" says one home tech expert.

Long Live the Soft Sell

January 4, 2013: 

Successful salespeople are insanely curious. Go from what to why and acquire the most overlooked trait of top performers.

7 Ways to Save On Energy Costs this Winter

December 31, 2012: 

Saving money on energy costs is always a good investment.

Large Valuation Company Closes Down

December 28, 2012: 

A valuation company boasting a field network of 30,000 brokers, appraisers, and vendors in every major market in the U.S. announced that it has shut down operations.

13 Hot Home Trends for 2013

December 28, 2012: 

Whether you're staging homes or giving past clients advice, here are several design trends to keep in mind next year.