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Different Ads for Different Markets

October 3, 2012: 

Don't blanket-advertise your listings. Instead, talk directly to various buyers through multifaceted ad campaigns.

Foreign Buyers Flock to Sun and Sand States

October 2, 2012: 

U.S. housing prices are starting to creep up from the rock-bottom levels of recent years, which is prompting foreign buyers to invest now before the bargains disappear.

YPN Agent Appears on 'House Hunters'

October 1, 2012: 

This Q&A between Lounge blogger Lynn Minnick and YPNer Carl Lantz provides an inside look at the popular reality show.

How to Select Paint Colors for Open Floor Plans

October 1, 2012: 

An open floor plan offers easy access from room to room, making the home feel larger and making it a great space for entertaining. The problem comes when you want to paint the walls.

Canadians, Chinese Target U.S. Real Estate

September 28, 2012: 

Foreign purchases of homes in the U.S. have surged 24 percent in the past year.

8 Perfect Housewarming Books

September 27, 2012: 

Consider these books—paired with some hard-to-shop-for personality types—as a jumping-off point for finding the perfect literary closing gift for your clients.

Susan Cain: Shunning the Spotlight

September 25, 2012: 

In her paradigm-shifting New York Times best seller Quiet, Susan Cain reveals the advantages of being an introvert in a world that celebrates extroverts.

Amp Up Curb Appeal

September 25, 2012: 

Staging and real estate professionals offer some compelling ideas for sprucing up homes' exteriors.

Author of Your Success

September 25, 2012: 

For some in the real estate industry, it has become a race to be on the bleeding edge of technological innovations, creating professional casualties out of formerly successful agents. Our advice: Avoid so-called technology solutions from vendors who don’t understand the real estate business.


Will Super-Fast Phone Networks Be Ready?

September 25, 2012: 

New phone networks are to boost speeds 10 times faster than current phones for browsing the Web on mobile phones, but some analysts question whether wireless carriers' infrastructure is ready to handle the traffic. Will the iPhone 5 be the test?