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Don't Miss International Night Out in Orlando

October 26, 2012: 

If you're interested in global business and networking with real estate professionals from all over the world—and having fun in the process—you can't miss International Night Out on Nov. 10 at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo. Register today for dinner, drinks, music, and dancing with globally minded professionals from the United States and abroad.

Accessible Homes: Not Just a Niche Anymore

October 26, 2012: 

Being able to point out features that make a home accessible is part of your job as a real estate professional. You can also help steer sellers looking into pre-sale or staging modifications away from changes that will unnecessarily narrow the market or make the home more difficult to navigate.

Home Owners Near Foreclosures Feel Big Loss Too

October 26, 2012: 

Home owners who live near a foreclosed property have lost, or stand to lose, about 7.2 percent — or $21,077, on average — of their home's value, according to a new report.

Media Match: Make all Your Ad Media Work Together

October 25, 2012: 

Property advertisements in various media platforms should not be in isolation from one another. Tie together wording, imagery, and branding to reach more buyers and achieve trusted consistency in your market.

Agency Helps Consumers Resolve Credit Report Complaints

October 24, 2012: 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it will now assist consumers in resolving any problems with their credit reports.

What Makes a REALTOR® Different?

October 24, 2012: 

Most of the general public doesn't know the difference between a REALTOR® and a regular old Joe real estate licensed agent.

Blog: What's NAR Doing on Data Security?

October 24, 2012: 

NAR has been, and continues to work to establish strong methods to better protect you, your families and your clients.

Making a Difference, One Short Sale at a Time

October 23, 2012: 

Marge Peck has developed an ironclad, paperless transaction system that's helped her reach a 90-95 percent short sale success rate.

Younger Buyers Feel Smart About Home Ownership

October 23, 2012: 

More than three-quarters of Americans who fall within Generations X and Y believe they have become increasingly knowledgeable about home ownership over the past six years, according to a new survey.

Remember the Telephone?

October 22, 2012: 

Many problems can be avoided in the first place if people would just pick up the telephone and call the other party rather than texting or e-mailing.