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Field Guide to International Referrals

October 11, 2012: 

This field guide provides information on international legalities, education, best practices, etiquette, research, and more.

Low Valuation in Home Appraisals Causing Steady Level of Contract Glitches

October 10, 2012: 

The real estate market is recovering but still faces hurdles, notably from tight mortgage credit, but problems with a sizeable share of real estate appraisals also are holding back home sales, according to NAR survey findings.

Appraisal Institute to Study Value of 'Green'

October 9, 2012: 

The Appraisal Institute is teaming with an energy agency to asses energy efficiency and green features on the value of existing homes.

NAR: Appraisals Continue to Hamper Sales

October 9, 2012: 

Problems with real estate appraisals are still delaying and even derailing home sales, a recent survey of REALTORS® shows.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate

October 9, 2012: 

Outsourcing certain tasks to outside professionals and firms will help free up your time to do with you do best - give your clients superior service and grow your business.

YPNer: Take Day One of e-Pro Course Free

October 9, 2012: 

REALTOR® Maura Neill offers another reason to attend the REALTORS® Conference & Expo next month: to take day one of the redesigned e-PRO® course for free.

Time to Rethink How We Price Our Listings

October 9, 2012: 

Now more than ever, it is important to identify how potential buyers are using new technology to find their dream home.

Travel Via Paperback: Three Must-Reads

October 9, 2012: 

Here are three must-reads for real estate agents looking to go global.

The 'Prius Effect' on Home Sales?

October 9, 2012: 

More studies are showing the power of green on boosting sales prices.

Four Ways to Understand Your Competition

October 8, 2012: 

If you don't have a full and objective assessment of your market's competitive framework, you won't be able to effectively position a property in a manner that will motivate buyers.