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Appraisals: Getting it Right

October 15, 2012: 

NAR 2012 Vice President Gary Thomas discusses how appraisals have been affecting the home buying process, and talks about NAR's advocacy for changes that will solve the problems that have been occurring.

Apps and Web Site Recommendations for Association Executives

October 15, 2012: 

Here is a list of iPhone, iPad, and cloud-based apps, as well as Web sites, to help association executives working with YPN be more effecient in their jobs.

Roofs Matter: Don't Underrate What's Above

October 15, 2012: 

The top of the house shouldn't be at the bottom of your list of things to be aware of. Learn about the pros and cons of different kinds of roofs.

8 Ways to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger

October 15, 2012: 

When selling a home, you don't want buyers to step foot in a room and suddenly feel cramped. What can you do to open up some of the tight spaces in your listings?

Foreclosure 'Boomerang' Home Buyers Return

October 15, 2012: 

Families who had once lost their home to foreclosure following the housing crash are now re-emerging and looking to buy again.

Unravel the Mysteries of International Real Estate

October 12, 2012: 

What's the difference between a resident alien and a non-resident alien? Do foreign nationals need a social security card to purchase property in the U.S? How many decades has it been since the last time it rained in Lima, Peru? Get these answers and more from a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) class.

Are You Ready for International Buyers?

October 12, 2012: 

As foreign buyers' interest in U.S. real estate continues to surge, REALTORS® are seizing this opportunity and arming themselves with education.

Field Guide to International Referrals

October 11, 2012: 

This field guide provides information on international legalities, education, best practices, etiquette, research, and more.

Low Valuation in Home Appraisals Causing Steady Level of Contract Glitches

October 10, 2012: 

The real estate market is recovering but still faces hurdles, notably from tight mortgage credit, but problems with a sizeable share of real estate appraisals also are holding back home sales, according to NAR survey findings.

Appraisal Institute to Study Value of 'Green'

October 9, 2012: 

The Appraisal Institute is teaming with an energy agency to asses energy efficiency and green features on the value of existing homes.