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NAR: Appraisals Continue to Hamper Sales

October 9, 2012: 

Problems with real estate appraisals are still delaying and even derailing home sales, a recent survey of REALTORS® shows.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate

October 9, 2012: 

Outsourcing certain tasks to outside professionals and firms will help free up your time to do with you do best - give your clients superior service and grow your business.

YPNer: Take Day One of e-Pro Course Free

October 9, 2012: 

REALTOR® Maura Neill offers another reason to attend the REALTORS® Conference & Expo next month: to take day one of the redesigned e-PRO® course for free.

Time to Rethink How We Price Our Listings

October 9, 2012: 

Now more than ever, it is important to identify how potential buyers are using new technology to find their dream home.

Travel Via Paperback: Three Must-Reads

October 9, 2012: 

Here are three must-reads for real estate agents looking to go global.

The 'Prius Effect' on Home Sales?

October 9, 2012: 

More studies are showing the power of green on boosting sales prices.

Four Ways to Understand Your Competition

October 8, 2012: 

If you don't have a full and objective assessment of your market's competitive framework, you won't be able to effectively position a property in a manner that will motivate buyers.

Most Sellers Estimate Home Value Well Above Recommended Listing Price

October 8, 2012: 

Seventy-seven percent of home owners think their home is worth a lot more than it really is, according to HomeGain's third quarter 2012 National Home Values Survey Results of 300 real estate agents.

Tailor Your Marketing to Echo Boomers

October 4, 2012: 

Young adults born between 1982-1995 -- called echo boomers -- are much different from the baby boomers and present unique challenges and opportunities for REALTORS®. Learn how to connect on what's important to them.

Different Ads for Different Markets

October 3, 2012: 

Don't blanket-advertise your listings. Instead, talk directly to various buyers through multifaceted ad campaigns.