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Combat 5 Bad Communication Habits

September 24, 2012: 

Are you an iceberg or a non-starter? Learn how your listening style is cramping client relations.

Rehab Loans a Growing Sales Pitch Among Lenders

September 24, 2012: 

Distressed homes sometimes need a lot of work, and so more lenders are offering loan options to help home owners or investors rehab the properties.

How to Avoid Common Closing Snafus

September 24, 2012: 

Closing delays are a rising problem in the real estate industry. Here's how to help avoid two common delays.

Investors Ready to Take Bigger Bite Out of Market

September 24, 2012: 

Despite rising home prices and fewer available foreclosures, 40 percent of real estate investors say they plan to buy more homes this year than they did last year, according to a new survey.

How Much Do Home Buyers Spend After Moving?

September 23, 2012: 

Discover the average expenditure of new home owners.

Field Guide to Marketing With Blogs

September 21, 2012: 

(Updated February 2014)

Blogs are a great marketing tool for your real estate business. You can provide a snapshot of your local market, have a forum for your thoughts about real estate and market yourself. Find out the benefits of blogging, getting started with blogs and see what real estate practitioners are writing about. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

Buyer's Guide to Financial Management Tools

September 20, 2012: 

Confused about where your money's going? Master your finances with the latest software and cloud-based tools.

Make Google Fall in Love With You (All Over Again)

September 20, 2012: 

Call it Love Story 2.0: Here's what you need to know to attract the attention of Google now that the company has changed the way its search engine works.

Field Guide to Social Networking for REALTORS®

September 19, 2012: 

(Updated September 2014)

Every junior high kid seems to have a Facebook page. Why should you, a real estate professional? Learn about social networking websites, see how other real estate agents have embraced social networking to increase their presence on the Internet to attract more clients, learn about the variety of social networking websites and much more. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

Baby Boomers Shift Retiree Haven Preferences

September 17, 2012: 

"Boomers and retirees these days are considering a much wider range of destinations for retirement, often choosing states that don't commonly come to mind," says an editor of Where to Retire magazine.