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Tips: Opening and Closing a Vacation Home

September 5, 2012: 

Stay in touch with recent second-home purchasers by sharing valuable end-of-summer info they'll thank you for.

3 Buyer Pet Peeves When Touring Homes

September 4, 2012: 

What makes buyers grimace when they tour a home for-sale? Don't let one of your listings fall prey to one of these common buyer pet peeves.

The Leaders in Luxury Real Estate

September 4, 2012: 

This new luxury real estate leader boasts the highest number of homes sold in the nation in the $1 million or more range, and it has seen sales more than double in the past year.

Five Free Resources to Share with Clients

September 4, 2012: 

Stay top of mind—and generate steady referrals—by sharing home maintenance, repair, and improvement info with clients. Start with these five free articles from the REALTOR® Content Resource.

Brand, Deliver Info on Finding Right Loan

August 31, 2012: 

Buyers flummoxed by their mortgage options? Brand, print, and hand deliver a free article from NAR's REALTOR® Content Resource on finding the right loan to fit your needs. Build their confidence in buying—and you—even more by e-mailing all five free "Be a Savvy Buyer" articles now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource.


10 Tips for Writing Effective Real Estate Copy

August 28, 2012: 

Writing clear copy in real estate listings is more important than ever. Since, the first contact you'll likely have with a potential homebuyer will come through a real estate listing, the copy is your first chance to build a reputation and a relationship.

NAR President Praises New Help for Struggling Homeowners

August 27, 2012: 

The Federal Housing Finance Agency on Tuesday announced measures to make short sales of underwater homes easier for homeowners, including extending help to people who have financial difficulties but haven’t missed mortgage payments.

For AEs: 6 Tips for Using the New REALTOR.org

August 27, 2012: 

Use these tips to quickly find the information that's most important to you.

Tool Helps Share Recommendations

August 27, 2012: 

Buyers and sellers are choosing agents based on recommendations, and REALTOR.com wants you to be prepared. Claim your free tool that helps you get and share recommendations from your past clients today. It's free to all REALTORS® and allows you to edit before the recommendations go live.

E-mail Buyers 5 Cheap, Easy DIY Jobs

August 27, 2012: 

Looking for a way to continue providing value to buyers after the deal is done? E-mail a free article from NAR's REALTOR® Content Resource on five easy DIY weekend projects under $300. Keep providing helpful information by e-mailing all five free "Ways to Connect with Buyers After Closing" articles now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource.