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Strong, Independent Appraisal Industry Vital to Market and Loan Origination Process, Say Realtors®

June 28, 2012: 

Developing and reporting property values more accurately is critical to improving market performance, reducing risk and strengthening the housing finance system, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

Earn Continuing Education (CE) Credit With At Home With Diversity Course

June 27, 2012: 

NAR's At Home With Diversity online class and certification have been approved for continuing education credit in over 35 states. Learn how to work effectively with - and within - today's rapidly growing multicultural market by taking the "At Home With Diversity" course.

Field Guide to Property Tax Appeals

June 26, 2012: 

(Updated April 2013)

You just received your property taxes and they've gone up again. What can you do? Although each individual assessing body has a different method of filing property tax appeals, this field guide offers some general guidelines and resources to give you an edge in the process. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Working With First-Time Homebuyers

June 26, 2012: 

REALTORS® can use the resources, tips, statistics, and links in this field guide to help their clients through the first-time home buying experience.

Field Guide to Working With Difficult Customers

June 26, 2012: 

(Updated June 2014)

Do you feel that you have to work with all clients, no matter how difficult they are? They may be more trouble than they're worth. Find out how to deal with difficult customers, when and how to "fire" a customer, and much more. (C. Dodge, Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Marketing to the 50+ Population

June 21, 2012: 

(Updated July 2014)

The over-50 population is a growing force in America and the rate of home ownership is higher among this age group than in any other. Today's seniors have more active lifestyles, are more affluent and if they "downsize" their homes it is in square footage rather than price. This field guide offers articles, statistical data and links to help REALTORS® gain insight into this lucrative demographic. (C. Dodge, Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Marketing to the Hispanic Community

June 21, 2012: 

This Field Guide provides resources and statistics, materials in Spanish and Spanish eBooks to assist REALTORS® with their Hispanic clientele.

Field Guide to Determining Asking Price

June 21, 2012: 

(Updated February 2015)

What is the best way to determine the asking price of a house and why is it important?  Find out here in this field guide. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Information Specialist)

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Field Guide to Marketing Tips for REALTORS®

June 21, 2012: 

Marketing is an essential ingredient for the success of any business. The material in this field guide will give you a wealth of information helping you market your expertise to potential customers.

Field Guide to Opening a Real Estate Brokerage

June 21, 2012: 

(Updated December 2014)

Thinking about opening your own real estate business? Find out if you are ready to be a boss, tips on writing a business plan and much more. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)