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Dealing With Design Dilemmas Affordably

January 1, 2012: 

Practically every listing has flaws in its appearance. Here are several inexpensive solutions for almost any design problem.

2012 Printers: What Others Are Saying

January 1, 2012: 

Here are printing solutions other real estate pros use and how they’re using them.

Buyer's Guide: 2012 Printers

January 1, 2012: 

The latest printers and multifunction machines are keeping pace with demands of mobile real estate professionals. Review this guide to find the right solution for you.

2012 Gadgets: Specs That Matter For Real Estate

January 1, 2012: 

Here are some key features and functions for real estate professionals.

REALTORS® Identify Exterior Replacement Projects as Best Investment for Homeowners

December 16, 2011: 

Realtors® recently rated many exterior improvements as among the most valuable home investment projects as part of the 2011-12 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report.

December 2011: Canadian Buyers

December 1, 2011: 

This issue looks at what's driving Canadian buyers to look south. There's more at play than just the strong Canadian dollar and snowbirds' flight to warm weather. Canadian exposure to the U.S. market has spread beyond Florida to some places that may surprise you.

Field Guide to Working With Single Home Buyers

November 15, 2011: 

This updated Field Guide will help you to learn about the needs, concerns, and buying behaviors of single home buyers.

Field Guide to Women Homebuyers

November 15, 2011: 

This Field Guide contains books, websites, statistics, reports and journal articles on women and new homeownership trends, home buying needs and special issues concerning women and financing.

Field Guide to Vineyards & Wineries

November 15, 2011: 

(Updated May 2013)

Owning and running a vineyard suggests an appealing and romantic lifestyle. In truth, it is hard work, costly and subject to the whims of weather, the economy and foreign competition. Still the lure of the vines may just be the ticket for those seeking adventure and a soul-satisfying business venture. This updated field guide provides start-up resources, statistics, reports, websites and more for those thinking about entering this interesting market. (D. Foligno, Project Specialist)

Field Guide to Using Privacy & Security Features in Social Media

November 15, 2011: 

This updated field guide will give you background information on concerns with various popular social media sites as well as provide tips and suggestions to protect your privacy and identity.