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Field Guide to Fractional Interest Ownership

November 9, 2011: 

These articles, books, and other resources will help you discover what a fractional is and why your clients might be interested in them.

Field Guide to Foreign Investment Trends in the U.S.

November 9, 2011: 

This Field Guide offers information and sources for those considering foreign investment opportunities.

Field Guide to Foreclosures

November 9, 2011: 

(updated May 2014)

The state of foreclosures in the U.S has improved significantly and for those seeking bargains, the hunt is decidedly more challenging. This Field Guide provides resources and links for avoiding foreclosure, tips for investing in foreclosures and resources to learn more about this area of real estate. (M. Glick, Senior Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Farming and Prospecting

November 9, 2011: 

Developing new leads is crucial to expanding a successful real estate business. In this Field Guide, a wealth of resources are available to you including several toolkits from REALTOR® Magazine Online, relevant articles from various websites, plus books, eBooks, and related Field Guides from Information Central.

Field Guide to Facebook for REALTORS®

November 9, 2011: 

This updated field guide goes over the basics, reviews current security settings, and explores how REALTORS® are using Facebook to build their brand.

Field Guide to Energy Audits

November 9, 2011: 

(Updated July 2012)

Energy audits are a great way to save money, save energy and save the planet. Find out the basics of conducting your own energy audit and how to hire a professional in this field guide.

Field Guide to Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Fax Laws

November 9, 2011: 

As of January 1, 2005, telemarketers and sellers (including REALTORS®) are required to search the registry at least once every 31 days and drop from their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered. This field guide provides information Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Fax laws.

Field Guide to Dealing With Stigmatized Properties

November 8, 2011: 

(Updated October 2013)

Do you dare disclose if there is murder or mayhem at your listing? What if the owner was a controversial person?  What are the professional and logistical challenges if there is a well-publicized ghost on your next property? Don't despair, help is here! This page offers some creative marketing tools and advice for selling properties with an unsavory past. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist).

Field Guide to Communication for Associations

November 8, 2011: 

(Updated March 2014)

In the world of association management, a key element to success is communication. Communicating includes how to deal effectively with staff or membership, or how to correctly transmit an email message. The following resources help today's busy association executive better understand and achieve successful styles of communication. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

Field Guide to Buying & Selling During the Holidays

November 7, 2011: 

Find out the pros and cons of buying and selling, how to stage a home during this time of year, and whether to decorate or not.