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Help Clients Better Understand Appraisals for a Quicker Refinance or Sale

March 12, 2010: 

Teaching your clients about how appraisals work will help them achieve a quick and profitable refinance or sale.

2010 Smartphone Survey

January 1, 2010: 

This 2010 report highlights members' smartphone usage, perceptions, and needs.

2010 MLS Technology Survey

January 1, 2010: 

This 2010 survey analyzes technology trends in Multiple Listing Services (MLSs).

Mold Task Force Report

April 7, 2002: 

This report is the result of the Mold Working Group of the Risk Management Committee, formed to evaluate the available information on mold and develop recommendations for actions which might be taken by the National Association to assist members of the National Association in addressing the issues raised by mold as it effects the real estate industry.