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Tell them. Show them. Wear your REALTOR® pin with pride.

After more than 15 years of national advertising, the National Association of REALTORS® has established the clear value and differentiation of REALTORS® in the minds of potential home buyers and sellers. As a result, more than three out of four consumers would choose a REALTOR® to buy or sell a home rather than a real estate professional who is not a REALTOR®.

But how do potential home buyers and sellers know you're a REALTOR®? You have to tell them.

Enter REALTOR® Pride. REALTOR® Pride materials help NAR members take advantage of the strength of the REALTOR® brand and demonstrate their value to potential clients.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself as a REALTOR® is to wear your REALTOR® pin. You can order REALTOR® pins by clicking on the link under the “Tools” box to the right.

Links to other materials available to NAR members are provided below. Consider adding a REALTOR® Pride banner to your Web site, or make copies of the print ads to give to your customers and clients.

Local and state associations can use the materials to educate their membership about the value of the REALTOR® brand.

Preview Advertising Materials

Use these materials to help spread the word about the value of using a REALTOR® and to help members show their REALTOR® pride.

For Associations

REALTOR® Pride Print Ads
REALTOR® Pride Pin Cards
REALTOR® Pride Counter Card
REALTOR® Pride Statement Stuffer


REALTOR® Pride Pin Cards
REALTOR® Pride Web Banner
REALTOR® Pride Desktop Wallpaper

Customize Materials

Use the ad generator to customize the print ads, posters, or statement stuffer for your local association.

Order Materials

Order pins and other REALTOR® Pride materials from the REALTOR® Team Store.