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Local Television and Radio

In general, television is more expensive than radio, but creates greater impact and quicker audience reach. In addition, television is the strongest media against changing brand perception and influencing a call to action. Television offers unique selling capabilities with its ability to elicit human emotions and is also an excellent way to reach large groups of people.

Depending on your budget, radio is an excellent alternative to local television. Radio works well as a support medium and has lower costs relative to television. Radio allows you to selectively target specific demographics through a variety of stations and formats.

The higher the number of GRPs each week, the greater reach against the target audience.

NAR recommends the following strategies for local television and radio.

  • Supplement national network television with local market television
    This is an excellent way to spend your local media dollars effectively. With this strategy, additional local television time is purchased to run during the same weeks that the national campaign is running a mix of network TV, cable, and network radio. On average, the national plan delivers about 120 GRPs per week. We recommend local associations supplement this with 30 GRPs in their local markets by adding spots in local news and sports programs.
  • Supplement national network television with local market radio
    If local television is beyond your budget, radio is a great way to deliver impact. To do this, we recommend purchasing a minimum of 30 GRPs per week in your local market.
  • Supplement national network radio with local radio
    During the weeks that the national campaign is running only on radio, the average weekly delivery is 55 GRPs per week. We recommend adding another 65 local radio GRPs in your market.
  • Fill in non-national weeks with local market television or radio at 100-150 GRPs
    If your local association is involved in specific events, support them with radio spots.

Sample TV Schedule