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These ads are available for local and state associations to customize.

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To customize any of these materials, visit the ad generator, which allows local and state associations to customize standard-size posters and outdoor ads by adding information such as the association’s name, phone number, and Web site address. You will be able to preview your customized ad online.

Due to large file sizes for bus shelters and billboards, arrangements must be made for delivery of high-resolution artwork for these outdoor layouts after you submit your customizable information. The ad generator will guide you through this process.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for delivery of final art. Fees for studio time and shipping will apply:
• $300 per billboard
• $250 per bus shelter

A note about production quality - when images are enlarged for this format, a certain amount of film grain will result. This is normal, and is not noticeable when the image is viewed at the distance from which outdoor advertising materials are intended to be seen.