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Watch these videos to learn how best to help spread the word to buyers and sellers about the value of working with a REALTOR®,  and to help members show their REALTOR® pride.

You can watch the videos on this page, and can also order a DVD that contains all the videos.

To order a DVD of this video, e-mail your request to info@mostagency.com. Please include the shipping address and desired quantity in your request. The REALTOR® Pride DVD costs $25 plus shipping. 

The Power of Your REALTOR® Brand / Download  


Leveraging Your REALTOR® Brand / Download  


The Consumer Advertising Campaign / Download 


Viral Marketing / Download


The Dollar Value of Your REALTOR® Brand / Download


The Value of Co-Branding / Download 


Wear Your REALTOR® Pin With Pride / Download


The REALTOR® Code of Ethics / Download


The Power of Your REALTOR® Brand: Closing / Download