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The National Association of REALTORS® International Liaisons are appointed to a foreign country, annually, by the NAR President. NAR President’s Liaisons serve at the discretion of the President for a term of one year, and may be re-appointed. President’s Liaisons work to help maintain NAR’s important relationships with the NAR’s bilateral partners (“Cooperating Associations”) as well as organizations and private companies located in the country to which they are assigned.

President's Liaisons' Responsibilities

1. The President’s Liaison hosts the president, executive officer and/or delegation of the respective international Cooperating Association during the REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Attending a special meeting set up by NAR staff with the leaderships of the Cooperating Association and the NAR.
  • Participating in events organized by the Cooperating Association at the convention (i.e. receptions, dinners).
  • Guiding and assisting the Cooperating Association’s delegation to relevant meetings and social activities at the convention.

2. NAR President’s Liaisons may be asked to assist NAR staff in the event of a dispute or problem about a specific Bilateral Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding. This may require special meetings and/or conference calls to agree upon a course of action. President’s Liaisons should be familiar with the terms of the partnership between NAR and the Cooperating Association.

3. President’s Liaisons are encouraged to attend the Cooperating Association annual meeting or convention as a representative of the National Association of REALTORS®. Reimbursement for all or some portion of travel expenses may be provided following the submission of a travel grant request. These requests are considered semi-annually by a small member work group. To be eligible for reimbursement, President’s Liaisons’ travel must take place IN THE COUNTRY TO WHICH THEY ARE ASSIGNED. Travel to regional real estate conferences and meetings in countries other than the assigned country are not eligible for reimbursement by NAR. To receive reimbursement, travel must be pre-approved by NAR International Operations staff and the President’s Liaison must submit a trip report (guidelines are provided) as well as the curriculum from the course they provided in the assigned country. Expenses are paid through reimbursement only; President’s Liaisons must use their own funds and then request reimbursement via NAR member expense report within 30 days of return. If President’s Liaisons fail to request approval prior to traveling abroad on behalf of NAR, there is no guarantee that expense reimbursements will be processed. Please note that travel stipend funds may not be used towards attendance at NAR national meetings.

4. President’s Liaisons meet semi-annually at the REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo (November) and the Midyear Meetings (May) to exchange information. At each meeting, NAR members share ideas at the meeting of the Global Alliances Advisory Board, which brings together President’s Liaisons, Regional Coordinators and Ambassador Associations. As an official appointee of the NAR President, President’s Liaisons are required to participate in these meetings. President’s Liaisons who cannot attend these meetings should request to be excused.

5. President’s Liaisons communicate regularly with the Ambassador Associations assigned to the Cooperating Associations. In addition to serving as the liaison between the international partner and the NAR President, a President’s Liaison serves as the link between the Cooperating Association and Ambassador Association. A President’s Liaison can expect to be involved in helping find an appropriate Ambassador Association if none is assigned, facilitating introductions and the on-going exchange of communication, and assisting in planning for U.S. visits.

6. President’s Liaisons are required to submit annual reports documenting activities concerning the Cooperating Association throughout the year. If periodic reports are provided as a result of visits to the international partner country and/or other activities, an annual report may not be necessary.

Terms and Conditions

  • President’s Liaisons are not empowered to officially represent the views and positions of the National Association of REALTORS®, except when specifically directed to do so by the NAR President.
  • President’s Liaisons are accountable to the NAR President. Generally, President’s Liaisons communicate with the chair of the Global Business and Alliances Committee and/or the Global Alliances staff who communicate in turn and if necessary, with the NAR President.
  • President’s Liaisons are appointed by the NAR President for a term of one year. In many cases, it typically takes longer than one year to develop significant working relationships with international partners. With this in mind, consideration will be given to re-appointment where such action will tend to strengthen and intensify relationships.
  • President’s Liaisons shall serve on the Global Alliances Advisory Board during their term. Appointments begin at the conclusion of the REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo.

NAR Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are also appointed annually by the NAR President. There are five regions: 1) North America, Central America and the Caribbean; 2) South America; 3) Asia/Pacific; 4) Western Europe; and 5) Central/Eastern Europe. Each President’s Liaison serves one of those regions, and Regional Coordinators oversee all President’s Liaisons and Ambassador Associations. President’s Liaisons can expect to meet with their Regional Coordinators at NAR meetings and should contact them with specific issues throughout the year.

NAR Ambassador Associations

The Ambassador Association program is loosely based on the international Sister-City programs: NAR appoints “partner” state and local REALTOR® associations to each of the foreign cooperating associations. The Ambassador Association works closely with President’s Liaison assigned to that country and NAR’s Regional Coordinator for that part of the world. The program also gives members of the Ambassador Association the opportunity to expand their global business networks and get involved in international real estate activities at the local or state level.

President’s Liaisons’ MINIMUM Expectations

1. Attend all NAR Midyear Meetings and Annual Conventions and participate in all events pertinent to President’s Liaisons, including the Global Alliances Advisory Board meeting.

2. Host a Cooperating Association’s delegation at the REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo and participate in meetings to which the Cooperating Association’s leadership is invited. President’s Liaisons are expected to contact the Cooperating Association’s delegation in advance of their arrival to schedule a SPECIFIC meeting time to connect, review the NAR Convention schedule, answer questions, and help set up adjunct meetings. NAR staff will provide President’s Liaisons with periodic lists of Cooperating Association registrants at the convention.

3. Communicate regularly with NAR Global Alliances staff throughout the year to discuss relevant aspects of the NAR/Cooperating Association relationship, including association leadership changes, country real estate market information, etc.

4. Contact Cooperating Association leadership periodically, and inform the Ambassador Association representative and the Regional Coordinator of news or updates. Coordinate communications, report problems with the partnership, and provide any necessary assistance.

5. Submit a detailed trip report and/or annual report on activities concerning the Cooperating Association to NAR Global Alliances staff.

6. Assist NAR in gathering information on the real estate market and business practices in the country to which they are assigned.

7. Help NAR implement the bilateral agreement as requested.

President’s Liaisons MAXIMUM Expectations

1. All of the above, plus:

2. Attend the Cooperating Association’s annual convention.

3. Host a function at the REALTORS® Annual Conference & Expo for Cooperating Association members. This can be a combined effort with Ambassador Association.

4. Organize a trade mission to the Cooperating Association’s country, or from that country to the U.S.

5. Learn about the real estate business and market in the assigned country and be prepared to share that information with interested NAR members.

6. Network with members of the Cooperating Association and create the foundation for a business network between the U.S. and that country.

7. Encourage the Cooperating Association to host education courses of the NAR and its affiliates.

Cooperating Associations are expected to reciprocate the exchange of information, publications, and hospitality. Levels of coordination vary significantly depending on culture.