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Name Title Phone
April Brown Political Representative 202-383-1073
Austin Perez Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1046
Bira de Aquino Communications Analyst 202-383-1118
Charles Dawson Managing Director, Regulatory Policy and Industry Relations 202-383-7522
Chris Gosselin Senior Political Representative 202-383-7516
Colin Allen Legislative Representative  202-383-1131
Crystal Montgomery Senior Graphics & Administrative Services Coordinator 202-383-1194
Dan Blair Senior Legislative Representative 202-383-1089
Erin Stackley Legislative Policy Representative 202-383-1150
Evan Liddiard Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1083
Gary Weaver Vice President, Legislative Policy & Administrative Services 202-383-1038
Helen Devlin Senior Legislative Representative 202-383-7559
Ian Roach Federal Policy Analyst 202-383-1106
Jamie Gregory Deputy Chief Lobbyist 202-383-1027
Jerry Giovaniello Senior Vice President/Chief Lobbyist 202-383-1115
Joe Harris Legislative Representative 202-383-1226
Joe Ventrone Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Real Estate Services 202-383-1095
Johan Holmberg Budget & Contract Administration Manager 202/383-1099
John DiBiase Communications Director 202-383-1037
Karl Eckhart Senior Political Representative 202-383-1086
Kara Beigay Communications Manager 202-383-7520
Ken Wingert Senior Legislative Representative 202-383-1196
Lindsay Shuba Political Representative 202-383-1268
Lisa Friday Scott Manager, Public
Lynda Keese Manager, Government Affairs Administration 202-383-1205
Maggie FitzGerald RPAC Disbursements Representative 202-383-1078
Marcia Salkin Managing Director, Legislative Policy 202-383-1092
Megan Booth Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1222
Melanie Wyne Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1234
Patricia Tarhon Senior Coordinator, Program Operations & Events 202-383-1119
Russell Riggs Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1259
Sarah Young Director, Real Estate Services 202-383-1233
Scott Reiter Vice President, RPAC Disbursements and Political Programs 202-383-1072
Sehar Siddiqi Regulatory Policy Representative 202-383-1176
Shannon Burke Political Representative 202-383-1009
Stephanie Spear Commercial Regulatory Policy Representative 202-383-1018
Tim Ryan Director, Financial Affairs & Budget 202-383-1098
Vijay Yadlapati Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1090
William Gilmartin Senior Policy Advisor, Industry Relatiions and Outreach 202-383-1102