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The Time Is Now – Media

From the National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Summit for 2014 Leadership.


NAR 2014 Issues Blueprint (formerly known as “Issues and Challenges”)

The reworked document has been narrowed down to those issues you either are currently facing or will likely face in the year to come. It includes arguments both for and against each issue to help you become more familiar with both sides of the issues that impact REALTORS® and consumers. This will help you be more persuasive as we reach out to others. You will also find information on how you can take action.


Sunday, August 25


The Time is Now for the REALTOR® Party

Get a head start on your 2014 planning as we overview the REALTOR® Party. Learn what works and what doesn't for boards small and large. Hear from the Missouri Association of REALTORS® "Soup to Nuts," planning for REALTOR® Advocacy.


Monday, August 26


Roger Nierenberg and the Music Paradigm


The Time is Now: Working Together at NAR

Leadership Summit keynote by Steve Brown


Presidents and Association Executives Working Together in Harmony

Doug Hinderer, NAR Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Doug explores the alignment in structure, relationships, and the practical coordination of staff and volunteers.


President and Association Executive One on One

Moderated by Doug Hinderer and Sharon Keating, AE liaison.


The Importance of Strategic Planning within the REALTOR® Organization

Todd Shipman, 2014 Chair of Strategic Planning, and Constance Freedman, Vice President, Strategic Investments, Second Century Ventures

Todd inspires the audience to think innovatively when creating a strategic plan. Constance shares what NAR has done to prepare for the second century.


Planning the Year with the REALTOR® Party

In this planning session, learn now only what the REALTOR® Party means, but what it will mean for you in 2014!  Take a closer look at the REALTOR® Party programs, tools and services, and gain ideas of how to incorporate them at your board for little or no cost. Hear what boards, like yours, have already had success with.


Realtor Party Success Stories

Realtor Party liaisons; Dave Wluka, Realtor Party Community Engagement liaison, Summer Greene, Realtor Party Fundraising liaison and Iona Harrison, Realtor Party Disbursement liaison share success stories from the areas of community outreach, advocacy and outreach.


Code of Ethics: A Century of Pride and Professionalism

Facilitated by Linda Lee, Law & Policy liaison

Celebrating the Code of Ethics, Kate Moore, Policy

Resources for Associations, Rodney Gansho, Director, Policy Information

The code must be taught, understood, and fairly enforced. Kate highlights some tools to celebrate the Code Centennial, and Rodney provides an introduction to tools and resources to make the President’s term of office a success and the association thrive.


NAR Resource Panel

Facilitated by Tiffany Curry, ABR, SFR, Consumer Relations Liaison


NAR’s Member Center

Pam Monroe, Business Specialties Group Liaison with Pam Krieter, CEO, Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®

After a decade of print-and-mail, NAR’s Member Guide shifted to an online format and was redesigned as NAR’s Member Center. Visit MemberCenter.realtor.org and download the Member Center app for iOS or Android.

Associations can showcase value to their members by updating their association logo, benefits, and events at MemberCenter.realtor.org.


REALTOR University

With 2011 NAR President Ron Phipps, ABR, CIPS, CRS, GRI, e-PRO, SFR, and Steve Blanton, RCE, CAE, CEO of the San Mateo County Association of REALTORS®

Ron gives an overview of the REALTOR® University graduate real estate degree program and Steve shares what the educational experience has meant to him as a scholarship student in the Master of Real Estate (MRE) program.


Continuing Leadership Challenges in the 113th Congress

Chris Polychron, First Vice President, Cynthia Shelton, Public and Federal Issues liaison and Jerry Giovaniello, NAR Chief Lobbyist

Panel discussion on the primary issues facing the rising leaders in the audience.  As leaders of their associations audience members have a duty to lead their local association toward a higher level of political involvement because “The Time is Now” to face the issues that demand our attention.


Legal Update

Laurie Janik, NAR General Counsel and Ralph Holmen, Association NAR General Counsel

A look at the legal issues that have shaped the year and a look towards what issues may impact the year ahead.


A Conversation: Steve Brown & Dale Stinton

Includes the closing remarks by Steve Brown


Tuesday, August 27


Financial Outlook & Economic Update  

Mike McGrew, 2014 NAR Treasurer, and Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief Economist


The Voice for ALL Real Estate…Our Commercial Members...You Need Them, They Need You

Linda St Peter, Commercial Liaison, Cindy Chandler and Adrian Arriaga.


Powerful Story Telling
Techniques for Communicating with the Media and Other Audiences

Don Cunningham of Burson-Marsteller, a global public relations and communications firm headquartered in New York City with offices in 98 countries across six continents.  

Tips on how to make your point when working with the media.


Consumer Advertising Campaign: Market Momentum

Introduced during the Leadership Summit, the Market Momentum campaign focuses on current real estate market conditions and implications for buyers and sellers.

The online ad generator allows local and state associations to customize standard-size print and outdoor ads by adding information such as the association’s name, phone number, and website.


Your Association as a Media Powerhouse

Moderator Brian Copeland, Member Services Liaison
Heather Elias, Director of Social Business Practice, and Nobu Hata, Director of Digital Engagement

A discussion and tips on using social media to transform your association.