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(Updated June 2015)

Feng Shui (meaning "Wind and Water" in Chinese) is the ancient art of placement to promote harmony, wealth, success and health. A working knowledge of Feng Shui can help when buying or selling a home in today's multicultural world. Vaastu is an ancient Indian system of harnessing the positive energy of the environment to benefit those living there. Vaastu uses a complex, three-layer grid system to provide the best layout for a home, office or commercial site. An ideal house, according to Vaastu, is perfectly square with a central courtyard. Get more information on these ancient arts and their role in real estate with the articles, books and websites gathered here. (D. Winchester, Information Specialist)

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Feng Sh​ui Tips

  • The more burners you have on your stove, the greater wealth you will have
  • Avoid sleeping under beams in the bedroom
  • Avoid having the stairs as the first thing you see when entering a house

Source: Feng Shui: the Chinese art of placement, (New York, NY: Arkana, 1983). NA 2755 R73c

Vaas​tu Tips

  • The best shape for a house is a square
  • Wood is considered the best building material
  • Circular staircases should be avoided

Source: Vaastu: the Indian art of placement, (Rochester, NY: Destiny Books, 2000). BF 1779 Ar9

Using Feng Shu​i to Lure Apartment Buyers

Source: Using Feng Shui to Lure Apartment Buyers, (Wall Street Journal, Jan. 30, 2011).

Vaastu Tips ​for Your Home

Source: Vaastu tips for your home (NDTV channel, Apr. 11, 2012).

Fen​g Shui

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Vastu Living

Principles of Vaastu Shastra, (HomeDesignFind, Dec. 19, 2008).

Vaastu home is in harmony with the sun, (San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 3, 2008).

5 elements that rule, (The Telegraph, May 2007).

Can Higher Powers Sell a Home?, (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 2006).

eBooks & Other Resources


The following ebooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

Feng Shui Made Easy, Revised Edition (Kindle, Overdrive, Adobe eReader)

Benefits of Vaastu & Feng Shui (Kindle, Overdrive, Adobe eReader)

10-Minute Feng Shui Room by Room (Kindle, Adobe eReader)

The Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui (Overdrive AudioBook)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui (Adobe eReader)

The Essential Feng Shui (Overdrive AudioBook)

Feng Shui for success: simple principles for a healthy home and prosperous business (Kindle, Adobe eReader)

The Learning Annex® Presents Feng Shui (Adobe eReader)

The Vaastu Workbook (Kindle, Adobe eReader)

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

The resources below are available for loan through Information Central. Up to three books, tapes, CDs and/or DVDs can be borrowed for 30 days from the Library for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Central at 800-874-6500 for assistance.

Sold! The Feng Shui way, (2008). DVD 034

Dance of Balance: Feng Shui for Body, Mind, and Spirit, (Woodbridge, VA: White Dove Publishing, 2005). NA 2755 P19

Sell your home faster with feng shui, (Arroyo Grande, CA: Dragon Chi Publications, 2001). NA 2755 Z7

Vaastu: the Indian art of placement, (Rochester, NY: Destiny Books, 2000). BF 1779 Ar9

Vastu living: creating a home for the soul, (Publishers Group West, 2000). BF 1779 C83

The Vastu Vidya handbook: the Indian feng shui, (New York, NY: Three Rivers Press, 2000). BF 1779 P34

Feng Shui handbook, (San Francisco, CA: Aquarian, 1991). NA 2755 W17f

Feng Shui: the Chinese art of designing a harmonious environment, (Simon & Schuster, 1988). NA 2755 W17

Interior design with Feng Shui, (New York, NY: Arkana, 1987). NA 2755 R73

Field Guides & More

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