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Field Guide to QR Codes

(Updated February 2014)

Have you noticed black and white squares on advertising, in magazines, on business cards, or on yard signs? Created in Japan in 1994, Best Buy, Ralph Lauren, and movie advertising are using QR codes to connect with customers. Find out how to generate a QR Code, download the QR Code on your smartphone, and then read the information. In this updated Field Guide, learn about QR (Quick Response) codes, why they are a new form of mobile advertising, and how they can be used to market and sell real estate. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

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Source: Using QR codes to market real estate, (YouTube, Feb. 13, 2011).

Introduction to QR Codes

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QR Codes and Real Estate

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QR Code Readers, Generators and Reviews

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Research on Your Own

Information Savvy!

Many websites, such as Wikipedia, can be great resources to quickly get oriented on a subject before conducting more in depth research. However, anyone in the world can create and maintain a website or write a seemingly legitimate article and may, intentionally or unintentionally, publish false or “misinformation.” When reviewing information on the Internet, you should always consider the ABC’s:

  • Accuracy. Is the information accurate? Can you confirm the same information using other resources published by a different author or organization?
  • Author. Who composed the information? Can you easily identify the author and contact the author or website publisher?
  • Bias. What bias might the author or author organization have?
  • Credibility. What is the author’s or author organization’s credentials for publishing the information? What expertise, experience, or education does the author have in this area that makes him or her qualified to write on the subject matter?
  • Currency. When was the web page last updated? Is it possible the information might have changed since this web page was last published?
  • Critical eye! Remember to always use your discretion and critical eye to determine whether information you find on the web (or even in books and news sources!) is trustworthy. Putting websites to the ABC test will get you started in developing a strong critical eye.

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