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Field Guide to REALTORS® and the Global Marketplace

(Updated May 2014)

Many real estate professionals have discovered the benefits and values of the world of international real estate. If you are thinking about going global or have already ventured into this arena, this field guide will provide you with tips for locating and working with international clients, etiquette, cross-cultural business guides and international networking opportunities. You will also discover an assortment of international real estate information sources, including a wealth of worldly resources from the REALTOR® organization, including referral opportunities and business partnerships in over 60 countries where NAR has established relationships! Plus, the international eBooks available in the Virtual Library at realtor.org are definitely a must-read. (K. Bartlett Walsh, Senior Quality Assurance/Customer Advocate)

Networking Opportunities at Home & Abroad

2014 Intern​ational Conferences / Meetings & Events:

Jan. 29–Feb. 2, 2014
Expo Inmobiliaria ACOBIR (Atlapa Convention Center, Panama City, Panama)

All buyers, investors, professionals, and developers are welcome to attend. Contact person: Xenia Kwai Ben at direccion@acobir.com; website: http://expoinmobiliariapanama.org.

March 11–14
MIPIM (Cannes, France)

Focus on international commercial and investment markets. Contact MIPIM directly for more information. Currently no NAR discount exists for this event.

May 29–June 1
SIMA Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (Madrid, Spain)

Ideal event for international marketing of second home and resort properties; focus on Latin America and second home destinations. Contact Alejandro Escudero for more information, and note that you are an NAR member: alejandro.escudero@gplanner.com.

Nov. 7–10
NAR Conference and Expo (New Orleans, La., USA)

Largest gathering of real estate professionals in the world, with conference, expo, networking, and 20,000 attendees from 50 countries, contact NARglobe@realtors.org for more information.

International Real Estate Information Sources

Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate

Global Real Estate Project (University of Denver).

Global Property Guide

Finding & Working With International Clients

Competing for Investors on a Global Scale (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Feb. 2014).

Networking Primer (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Dec. 2013)

How to Make the Most of Every Networking Event (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Dec. 2013)

The international mentoring association (mentoring-association.org, 2014).

MENTOR/National mentoring partnership (mentoring.org, 2014).

Top Markets for International  Home Buyers (REALTOR® Magazine Online, Mar. 26, 2012).

East Meets West (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Feb. 2012).

Canadian Buyers (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Dec. 2011).

Strength in Numbers (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Oct. 2011).

Finding Global Clients (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, June 2011).

NAHREP Report: Latinos, First-Time Homebuyers Are the Key to the Housing Recovery (RISMedia, June 21, 2011).

Becoming a Global Agent (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Feb. 2011).

Bring the world to you (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Third Quarter 2009). 

There is No Recession (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Second Quarter 2009). 

Join the club - learn the culture! (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, First Quarter 2009). 

New global marketing strategies (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, Third Quarter 2008).  

Global Resources From the REALTOR® Organization

NAR has 81 cooperating real estate associations in 61 countries

The Certified International Property Specialist Network (CIPS) is the specialty membership group for international practitioners of the National Association of REALTORS®. The CIPS Network is comprised of 2,500 real estate professionals who deal in all types of real estate, but specialize in the "international" market. Also follow CIPS on Facebook.

Global Perspectives in Real Estate, a bimonthly newsletter, serves as a resource for global professionals who wish to globalize their local market.

View Archived Issues of Global Perspectives in Real Estate

Market to Market (Note: The National Association of REALTORS® is functioning solely as a facilitator/clearinghouse, and we do not guarantee any business development from participation in the International Market-to-Market Program.)

NAR's REALTOR® University is an internet-based education delivery system where real estate professionals can takes courses online, click this link to browse the catalog for details on how to take the five required CIPS designation courses online and obtain the Transnational Referral Certification (TRC). 

International Real Estate Research

Resort Area & Second Home Specialty Resources on Realtor.org

Realtor.com® goes global

International REALTOR® Membership

Global Resources for Association Executives

Diversity Initiatives

For more resources and information on global issues visit: www.realtor.org/global.

International Etiquette

Business etiquette abroad (Monster.com).

Guidelines for business etiquette and essential business culture guides (ExecutivePlanet.com).

International business etiquette and manners (Cyborlink.com).

Doing business worldwide (WorldBiz.com).

Capturing ethnic markets in the U.S. (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, First Quarter 2006). 

Venturing abroad! So you want to open an office in another country... (Global Perspectives in Real Estate, First Quarter 2004). 

eBooks & Other Resources


The following eBooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (Adobe eBook)

Advanced Spanish Grammar (Adobe eBook)

All Audio Spanish - Step 1 (Overdrive Audiobook)

Arabic on the Move (Overdrive Audiobook)

Beginning French for the Utterly Confused (Overdrive Audiobook)

Business Across Cultures (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Buying a Property in Eastern Europe for Dummies (Adobe eBook)

Business Without Boarders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing (Adobe eBook)

Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Chinese on the Move (Overdrive Audiobook)

Collins English to French Dictionary (Kindle)

Communicating Globally An Integrated Marketing Approach (Adobe eBook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: Chinese (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: French (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: German (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: Italian (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: Japanese (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Express Lane: Spanish (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's French in No Time (Overdrive Audiobook)

Dr. Blair's Spanish in No Time (Overdrive Audiobook)

French on the Move (Overdrive Audiobook)

The Global Etiquette Guide to Africa and the Middle East: Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Global Etiquette Guide to Mexico and Latin America (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Global Color: Clues and Taboos (Adobe eBook)

Instant Immersion Arabic (Overdrive Audiobook)

Instant Immersion French (Overdrive Audiobook)

Instant Immersion German (Overdrive Audiobook)

Instant Immersion Italian (Overdrive Audiobook)

Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese (Overdrive Audiobook)

Instant Immersion Spanish (Overdrive Audiobook)

Italian for Dummies (Overdrive Audiobook)

Italian on the Move (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car French Complete (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car French Level One (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car French Level Two (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car French Level Three (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car French Verbs 101 (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car German Complete (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car German Level One (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car German Level Two (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car German Level Three (Overdrive Audiobook)

Learn in Your Car German Verbs 101 (Overdrive Audiobook)

Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Multicultural Manners (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Pocket Business German Dictionary (Adobe eBook)

The Rise of the Chinese Consumer (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Russian A Self Teaching Guide (Kindle, Adobe eBook)

Spanish for Dummies (Overdrive Audiobook)

Field Guides & More

These field guides and other resources in the Virtual Library may also be of interest:

Field Guide to Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette

Field Guide to Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Field Guide to Real Estate Organizations

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