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(Updated August 2011)

Mark Twain said, “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.” Indeed, water rights have been a source of conflict and controversy throughout the history of the world. Ever expanding populations and resulting development continue to exacerbate the debate, particularly in the American West. Find resources, statistics, an A to Z water glossary and more on this field guide. (H. Hester, Information & Digitization Specialist)

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How America U​ses Water

  • Electric Power - 45%
  • Irrigation - 33%
  • Public Supply - 12%
  • Industrial - 4%
  • Livestock - 1%
  • Mining - 1%
  • Aquaculture - 3%

Source: Estimated Use of Water in the U.S.—2014, (U.S. Geological Survey, Dec. 2014).

Water Resources & Issues

Population growth stirs worries about stress on region's water supply, (Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 10, 2011).

What is Groundwater, (Tulane University, Apr. 3, 2011).

Next stage of green building industry to focus on water efficiency, (Realty Times, June 24, 2009).

Fresh water represents only 2.5% of the world's water resources. Source: United Nations Environment Programme

Water Rights

Drought may dry up water rights, (San Angelo Standard Times, Aug. 12, 2011).

Calif. Counties Denied Priority Water Rights, (Courthouse News Service, Aug. 9, 2011).

Every drop counts; Valuing the water used to generate electricity, (Western Resource Advocates, Jan. 2011).

Public has right to walk upon privately owned river beds when using state waters - see Recent Court Decisions, page 2 (The Appraisal Journal, Winter 2009). E

Black Ohio neighborhood unjustly denied water for decades, jury finds, (Christian Science Monitor, July 11, 2008).

Tradable Water Rights, (Brookings Institution/Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Spring 2008).

The Appraisal of Water Rights: Valuation Methodology, (The Appraisal Journal, Spring 2008). E

Land Use & Water

Video: Groundwater: The Hidden Source of Life, (The Groundwater Foundation)

How much do we depend on groundwater?, (The Groundwater Foundation).

Linking growth and land use to water supply, (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Apr. 2003).

Water Quality Issues

U.S. Teen Wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize With Cell Phone Test, (Environment News Service, Aug. 24, 2011).

Drinking water contaminants & potential health effects, (Environmental Protection Agency, May 2009).

Tons of released drugs taint US water, (U.S. News & World Report, Apr. 19, 2009).

Video: Storm runoff pollutes drinking water, (PBS News Hour, Oct. 9, 2008).

Local drinking water information, (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Apr. 9, 2008).

Healthy water: real estate sales depend on it, (Realty Times, Sept. 2006).

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eBooks & Other Resources

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

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When the Rivers Run Dry, Adobe eReader

The Clean Water Act handbook, 2nd Ed., (Chicago, IL: American Bar Association, 2003). KF 3790 C54

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