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Field Guide to Working With Single Home Buyers

(Updated September 2014)

The real estate market in the United States is comprised of a great diversity of buyers, each with unique needs and concerns. Understanding how to best serve these unique needs will assist you establishing an outstanding service and reputation for your real estate business. Single home buyers represent a sizeable portion of home buyers in the current residential real estate market, and are an audience worth knowing and understanding. This updated Field Guide will help you to learn about the needs, concerns, and buying behaviors of single home buyers. (K. Stockert, Information & Web Content Specialist)

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According to the 2014 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

  • First time buyers are more likely to be single females
  • Single female buyers made up 18% of 2013 first-time home buyers
  • Single male buyers made up 11% of 2013 first-time home buyers

Single Home Buyer Statistics

As noted from bullet points above, single home buyers comprised 30% of home purchases in 2012. Single female buyers averaged 48 in age (35 for first-time buyers and 55 for repeat buyers), and single male buyers averaged 46 in age (29 for first-time buyers and 55 for repeat buyers) (Ex. 1-13).

For more statistics on single home buyers, including reasons for purchasing a home, average income, desired type of home and neighborhood, see the National Association of REALTORS® 2012 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

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Single Women Buy More Homes than Single Men, (Originator Times, Aug. 20, 2013).

Five Reasons Single Women are Buying Homes at Twice the Rate of Single Men, (Dame Magazine, June 2013).

10 Best Cities for the Young, Broke and Single, (REALTOR® Magazine, June 2013).

Lending Standards, Rising Rents Box in Single Buyers, (UPI.com, Feb. 19, 2013).

NAR Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers Shows Dual Income Couples Fueling Market, (NAR News Release, Nov. 10, 2012).

Profile of Single Male Home Buyers, (NAR Economists' Outlook, Apr. 1, 2011).

Profile of Single Female Buyers, (NAR Economists' Outlook, Mar. 28, 2011).

Single Home Buyer Tastes

Those grouped in the category of "single home buyers" exhibit a great diversity of tastes and requirements. Understanding some key home requirements for the varied needs within this group will assist you in matching your single home buyer clients with their ideal property.

Home Owners More Attractive than Renters, Singles Say, (REALTOR® Magazine, Feb. 14, 2012).

7 Best Cities for Wealthy Singles, (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 27, 2012).

Broke and Single: Why it Pays to Be Married*, (The Fiscal Times, Sept. 13, 2012).

*Editor’s Note: the title is slightly misleading: this article includes some great facts about singles and their buying behaviors.

Neighborhood Choice, (Economists’ Outlook, Dec. 4, 2012).

According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Statistics State of the Nation’s Housing report, published in 2012, “Homeownership rates for non-family households, which include a substantial share of single persons, have also change relatively little [from the mid-2000s], (p. 18).” To view the full report, click here.

Marketing to Single Buyers

Marketing experts will tell you there are some rule-of-thumb Dos and Don'ts when marketing to singles. The articles below offer some ideas to help you walk the walk and talk the talk of single buyers.

For Some Young Singles, Mortgage Easier to Get than a Credit Card, (Herald Net, Sept. 14, 2014).

Some Singles See Value in Mortgage Payment, (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 31, 2014).

More American Singles Want to Buy Homes Now, Survey, (Realty Today, Aug. 22, 2014).

All the Single Buyers, (Sentinel, June 12, 2014).

REALTORS® Discuss the Importance of Commuting Costs, Traffic to Homebuyers, (National Association of REALTORS® Press Release, May 16, 2014).

As Single Becomes New Norm, How to Market Without Stigma, (Advertising Age, Oct 11, 2010). Q

Segmenting Singles, (Best's Review, June 2010). Q

The Power of One, (AdWeek, Apr. 19, 2010). Q

Advice for Single Buyers

Being a Single Buyer, (The Chronicle Herald, Sept. 6, 2014).

Smart Moves: Tips for all the Single Buyers, (The Valley Breeze, July 15, 2014).

Single and Thinking of Buying a Home: Here’s Some Advice, (Money¸ June 24, 2014).

Single Women: Is Buying a Home Right for You?, (USA Today, Nov. 30, 2013).

Research on Your Own

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Information Savvy!

Many websites, such as Wikipedia, can be great resources to quickly get oriented on a subject before conducting more in depth research. However, anyone in the world can create and maintain a website or write a seemingly legitimate article and may, intentionally or unintentionally, publish false or "misinformation." When reviewing information on the Internet, you should always consider the ABC's:

  • Accuracy. Is the information accurate? Can you confirm the same information using other resources published by a different author or organization?
  • Author. Who composed the information? Can you easily identify the author and contact the author or website publisher?
  • Bias. What bias might the author or author organization have?
  • Credibility. What is the author’s or author organization’s credentials for publishing the information? What expertise, experience, or education does the author have in this area that makes him or her qualified to write on the subject matter?
  • Currency. When was the web page last updated? Is it possible the information might have changed since this web page was last published?
  • Critical eye. Remember to always use your discretion and critical eye to determine whether information you find on the web (or even in books and news sources!) is trustworthy. Putting websites to the ABC test will get you started in developing a strong critical eye.

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