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These housing and real estate story ideas are designed to help media generate content for news stories. Three timely topics, accompanied with background information and facts related to the real estate market, are featured each month. Realtor associations and members can also take these story ideas and create content for their local newspaper, magazines, newsletters, blogs and websites.

For more information or to arrange an interview with a Realtor, contact Maggie Kasperski at 202-383-1290 or mkasperski@realtors.org.

Where are All the Houses?

April 23, 2013: 

Housing inventories are tightening up around the country and new construction in some areas is constrained, according to the recently released Federal Reserve Beige Book.

Home Away from Home

April 23, 2013: 

According to the National Association of Realtors® 2013 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey, vacation homes continue to be important to American homebuyers.

Flowers, Shrubs and Trees, Oh My!

April 23, 2013: 

Gardening is a common springtime activity and a great way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. HouseLogic.com’s Landscaping and Gardening section is full of ideas and tips to help gardeners deepen the shade of their green thumbs.

Nationwide Open House

March 22, 2013: 

From coast to coast, the largest open house weekend in the country will take place Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21, 2013. 

Counting Down to April 15

March 22, 2013: 

As we draw nearer to the April 15th tax deadline, home owners can visit Houselogic.com for great resources on all things tax related. 

Tell Me What You Really, Really Want

March 22, 2013: 

For the first time since 2007, the National Association of Realtors® released its Home Features Survey, that examines the features buyers prefer in the homes they purchase.

Homeownership May Keep the Taxman at Bay

February 21, 2013: 

Owning a home can really pay off at tax time. But despite all the preparation to meet the April 15 filing deadline, mistakes can still happen.

“What is My Motivation?”

February 21, 2013: 

A peek into NAR’s 2012 Home Buyer and Seller Profile gives insight into what motivates home buyers to become home owners.

Increasing Prices Amid Record Affordability

February 21, 2013: 

Prices are rising but homeownership is still historically affordable. The recently released NAR Metropolitan Median Area Prices and Affordability Report on the fourth quarter of 2012 showed a growing number of metro areas with higher median home prices.