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These housing and real estate story ideas are designed to help media generate content for news stories. Three timely topics, accompanied with background information and facts related to the real estate market, are featured each month. Realtor associations and members can also take these story ideas and create content for their local newspaper, magazines, newsletters, blogs and websites.

For more information or to arrange an interview with a Realtor, contact Maggie Kasperski at 202-383-1290 or mkasperski@realtors.org.

The New Normal

January 22, 2013: 

More people than ever are using the Internet to search for their next home. A joint study from NAR and Google revealed that real estate-related Google searches grew 253 percent over the past four years.

Still the American Dream

January 22, 2013: 

More and more renters aspire to become homeowners, according to a recent survey. According to survey results, nearly 60 percent of current renters plan to purchase a home in the next two years.

Bringing the Fiscal Cliff Home

January 22, 2013: 

On January 1 both the Senate and House passed legislation to avert the “fiscal cliff.” The bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama on January 2. Read more about the real estate-related provisions in the bill.

Location, Location, Location!

December 20, 2012: 

When it comes finding a home, location continues to be the most influential factor. According to NAR’s 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 61 percent of recent home buyers reported quality of the neighborhood as the most important consideration in their home search.

Assistance Required

December 20, 2012: 

Selling a home is no easy process. There are over 20 steps involved from beginning to end, and successfully accomplishing each step requires not just expertise but also time.

Mortgage Unavailability

December 20, 2012: 

According to recently released government data from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, credit continues to be overly stringent. Although buyers’ incomes have increased since 2004, the loan-to income ratio has declined.

Fast Forward Four Years

November 20, 2012: 

After the last presidential election in 2008, foreclosure filings had increased 81 percent over the previous year and home sales were down nearly 42 percent from record highs in 2005.

Married and Buying It

November 20, 2012: 

Each year couples make up the largest portion of home buyers, and according to the 2012 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the percentage of these buyers has been increasing.

Housing Expected to Recover Through 2014

November 20, 2012: 

According to NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun, the steady recovery is expected to continue over the next few years, barring further tightening of mortgage credit availability or the much discussed “fiscal cliff.”