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Realtor.com® International is a global listing site provided by realtor.com®. This global portal features international listings, translation services in 11 languages, and currency & unit conversion features. There are more than 4.5 million active listings on the site, from countries all around the world. All U.S. residential for-sale and rental listings that appear on realtor.com® automatically are displayed on realtor.com® International. With over 1 million unique international consumers searching the site each month, this free service means true global exposure for U.S. listings.

NAR continues to work with its global partners to aggregate non-U.S. listings, and in the coming months additional countries will be featured.

Site Developer Eleonore Rojas provides an overview of the realtor.com® International website.

Realtor.com® International Highlights

  • All for-sale and rental listings on realtor.com® are displayed on the International site.
  • Consumers are able to search listings in the following 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Visitors' language, measurement, and currency preferences can be saved as a default to facilitate future visits.
  • Visitors have a choice to search by city name or map search, using a drill-down feature to select a geographical region—visitors don't need to know the distinctions between Hoboken, N.J., and New York City to get the results he/she seeks.

Most-Searched U.S. Markets on Realtor.com

  • Interested in learning which U.S. markets are most searched by global buyers on realtor.com®? View the stats.

What Realtor.com® International means for U.S. REALTORS® and U.S. buyers

  • True global exposure—The launch of the global site increases the visibility of the site around the world and allows the millions of Americans buying abroad to view property listings in the familiar realtor.com® format.
  • Customized experience—buyers from all over the world will be able to view properties in their preferred format—language, currency, and units of measurement.

What Realtor.com® International means for non-U.S. real estate agents and buyers

  • For the first time, property listings from outside the U.S. will be available on realtor.com®, providing more opportunities for global business than ever before.
  • Listings from various locations around the world will be available in eight languages, with area and currency conversion features to make browsing easier for consumers no matter where they reside.
  • NAR is currently working with its international partners to aggregate non-US listings at no charge. For information on becoming a data content provider, contact narglobe@realtors.org.

Utilize Realtor.com® International's Enhanced Features to Market Your Listings

Take advantage of realtor.com® International and begin marketing to non-English speaking buyers.

  • The site offers the option of creating translated listing brochures that you can promote via e-mail and/or social media outlets.