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Congratulations on being elected a volunteer leader for your REALTOR® association. You probably have many questions on what you can expect and what is expected of you.

These resources will not only familiarize you with your upcoming roles and responsibilities, but also explain the tools available to you from the National Association of REALTORS® to make your service effective, efficient and enjoyable. Acquaint yourself with these resources and refer back to them throughout your leadership term.

How well your program or plan succeeds will depend to a great extent on the cooperation of all members, in particular that of your fellow officers, directors, and committee chairpersons, and your partnership with staff. Your personal leadership style will have an important impact on motivating these individuals. Do your best to convey the importance of a team effort. Let everyone know that their input contributes to the success of the total plan.

Each year, NAR asks for your help in accomplishing its goals nationally, as well as on the local and state levels. In addition, staff is available to help. Remember, a small time investment now will pay a large dividend later. Good luck to you.

Resources Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

  • President Job Profiles
    A president's role often depends on the size of the association. Read sample profiles for to understand the unique responsibilities of the job:
  • President/Chief Staff Executive Checklist
  • AE Sample Job Description
    It’s important for staff and volunteer leaders to work well together. Learn about the association executive role and get the year off to a good start by completing the job functions summary, or task list, together with your AE. It will help you set clear expectations about who does what, which will help you run your association more efficiently.
  • Chief Staff Performance Evaluation
    Evaluating the chief staff executive is one of the most important jobs for your board of directors. An annual performance evaluation provides a platform for discussing shared expectations between the board and chief staff executive. It also helps the executive and the association develop and grow. And an annual evaluation is required by the REALTOR® organization’s insurance policy that covers wrongful termination lawsuits.

Association Structures

Professional Development Opportunities

Learn about professional development opportunities for volunteer leaders, including the REALTORS® Excelling in Association Leadership (REAL) online course, the REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP), and NAR's Leadership Academy.

NAR Talking Points