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Infographic: Home Buying & Selling by Generation

May 23, 2014: 

This infographic is about home buying and selling by age group.

REALTOR® University Speakers Series Presentation: Long-Term Vacant Housing in the United States

May 20, 2014: 

Dr. Raven Molloy talks about long-term vacant housing in the U.S., how it is calculated, and what it means for the health of housing supply and the housing market.

Guide to the REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo

May 9, 2014: 

Even if you're not attending the REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C., NAR is working on your behalf. See how and follow along.

Infographic: March 2014 Existing-Home Sales

April 25, 2014: 

The information in this infographic is from March 2014 Existing-Home Sales data.

Infographic: Seller Tenure in Home, by Age Group

April 9, 2014: 

The length of time people stay in their homes before selling varies by age group.

Infographic: Type of Home Purchased by Age Group

April 9, 2014: 
Type of home purchased varies by buyer age. Find out which types of homes are preferred by each generation.