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Third Quarter 2007

Mexicos Winning Global Strategy
By Jay West, CIPS, RSPS, TRC

In November 2006, I attended the annual REALTORS® Conference and Expo in New Orleans, as I have for four years representing REALTORS® from Mexico. This year I was invited to moderate an international panel for NAR, entitled “Innovative Marketing Strategies from Around the World.” As always, I learned a lot. Here are some of these lessons.

LESSON ONE: Some things are worth working for.
The last 12 months were historic for the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI). They were marked by two events celebrating the signing of a bilateral cooperating agreement with NAR, first in October 2006, at AMPI’s 50th Anniversary Congreso in Mexico City, where the keynote speaker was then President Vicente Fox, and again in November at the Annual REALTORS® Conference in New Orleans. Now, in Mexico, a REALTOR® is a member of both AMPI and NAR. This reciprocating agreement will ensure safer and simpler transactions and professional standards for inter-national real estate customers working with REALTORS® in either country.

LESSON TWO: There are reasons for optimism despite indications to the contrary.
Former U.S. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton were keynote speakers at the NAR Conference. They spoke on Saturday, November 11, only four days after the historic U.S. mid-term elections. Their example can serve as a model for politicians in every country who desire to elevate the interests of the citizenry above their own.

Since the founding of the Tsunami Fund following the 2005 disaster in the South Pacific, Presidents Clinton and Bush have been working together to help relieve the horrible suffering of people affected by such catastrophes, which now includes the Katrina Fund to assist the victims of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. To date, the Katrina Fund has raised more than $120 million dollars for the benefit of communities devastated by the hurricane.

One can also find inspiration in the fact that REALTOR® volunteers in attendance at the Conference raised millions of dollars and spent thousands of hours in physical labor to help Habitat for Humanity build 54 new homes for families who had lost everything during Katrina. I am very proud to be an International REALTOR® professional.

LESSON THREE: The globalization of world commerce continues
Real estate is now global. This was particularly apparent at NAR with the explosion of sponsorship in the International section of the REALTOR® Expo, emphasizing the tremendous interest in th eresor and secon-home markets taking center stage in nations from such diverse parts of the world as Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. This growth of transnational cooperation and investment among international real estate professionals is nothing short of phenomenal.

As REALTORS® in Los Cabos, Mexico, we are proud of our commitment to world resort destination markets, particularly since the first joint NAR/ AMPI Resort Symposium in Cabo San Lucas in February 2004. This was followed by offerings in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Kona, Hawaii. In 2007, Vail, Colorado will host one. Out of this has come a new certifica-tion—Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS)—for one of the fastest growing market sectors in real estate.

LESSON FOUR: There is strength in numbers.
For three years, NAR and AMPI have worked together to develop new ways to insure safety, transparency, and professionalism in real estate transactions involving foreign investment in property in Mexico.

AMPI Chapters continue to support continuing education in Mexico, and to offer NAR courses leading to certifications such as Certified Internation-al Property Specialist (CIPS), Certified Resort and Second-home Property Specialist (RSPS), and the Transnational Referral Certification (TRC) from ICREA, the most relevant credentials to international practitioners involved in cross-border transactions in Mexico.

In October 2007, AMPI will hold its 51st Anniversary Annual Congress at sea. AMPI members from throughout Mexico as well as many REALTOR¨ professionals from the U.S. and elsewhere will board the fabulous Carnival PRIDE luxury cruise ship in Los Angeles for a one-week cruise to the Mexican Riviera destinations of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.

It continues be an exciting year as the NAR/AMPI Joint Venture brings REALTOR® professionals from two great countries together in our common goals.

Jay West,CIPS,RSPS,TRC, is a Los Cabos REALTOR® and Co-owner/Broker of CaboRealty with his wife,Teena Jones. He currently serves as the 2007 President of AMPI Los Cabos and was past Regional Coordinator of Baja California Sur and Sonora for the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI). He was certified by the Mexican Office of Consumer Protection (PROFECO) in 2000, and specializes in land acquisition, project management, and marketing services to developers. Reach him at and

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