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How to Protect Your Property Listings From Rental Scams

July 30, 2013: 

In this video, NAR's Risk Management Committee shows you how to protect property listings from being used in rental scams by using Google Alerts, an "If This, Then That" (IFTTT) recipe, and Google Images.

Clause Protects Rental Firm

July 24, 2013: 

Indiana appellate court rules that clause in property management agreement protected leasing firm from damages caused by problem tenants.

MLSs See Gains in Copyright Cases

July 18, 2013: 

Federal court decisions on the unauthorized use of listing data have brought positive results for REALTORS®

NAR: Enough is Enough with Patent Trolls

July 17, 2013: 

NAR joined with dozens of other organizations in a letter to federal lawmakers, calling on them to move forcefully against those bringing frivolous patent suits.

Supreme Court Rules for Property Owner

July 17, 2013: 

Florida water district's proposed conditions for permit approval may amount to an unconstitutional taking, so the case is returned to the lower court.

NAR Legal Guidance on Flood Insurance Disclosures

July 8, 2013: 

The 2012 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act reauthorized the federal program for five years.

Beware of Patent Troll: July Update

July 3, 2013: 

NAR Associate Counsel Katie Johnson's blog post discusses how to deal with letters alleging a patent violation for emailing scanned documents.

Homeowner’s Wind Turbine Ruled Nuisance

June 26, 2013: 

Nevada's highest court affirms injunction barring the construction of a wind turbine inside a residential subdivision.

Changes to MLS Policy Statement 7.57

June 24, 2013: 

Changes to MLS Policy Statement 7.57—which deals with MLS services that can be considered core, basic, and optional services—were approved at the 2013 Midyear Meetings. A Q&A about these changes follows.

AHRN Antitrust Counterclaim Dismissed

June 19, 2013: 

Maryland court dismisses entire counterclaim filed by the company that runs Neighborcity.com against NAR and MRIS, a Maryland-based MLS.