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Court Rejects Department of Energy's Gas-Log Fireplace Rules

February 12, 2013: 

A U.S. Court of Appeals has thrown out the rules adopted in 2011 by the Department of Energy to try to regulate gas-log fireplaces so that they use less energy.

Davis v Beling: Liability for Purchase Not Subject to Sale

February 6, 2013: 

Nevada court upholds verdict against licensee when the sale of clients' home collapsed and the clients could not terminate a purchase contract.

Ernst v. Engel: Court Considers When Commission Is Earned

January 31, 2013: 

Iowa court awards to a salesperson the full commission amounts from transactions that she had under contract prior to her departure from brokerage.

Investigation of Scam Complaint Site Pays Off

January 30, 2013: 

After an investigation by the National Association of REALTORS® and several state associations, the real estate complaint site accused of posting fake reviews and seeking payment to have those reviews deleted appears to have shut down.

Pa. Woman Fights State's Disclosure Laws

January 29, 2013: 

A Pennsylvania woman is taking her case to the state's Supreme Court in a lawsuit over a seller and agent who failed to disclose to her that a murder-suicide had taken place in the home that she had purchased.

Milliken v. Jacono: No Duty to Disclose Murder on Property

January 24, 2013: 

Pennsylvania court determines that psychological damage to a property does not constitute a material defect requiring disclosure.

Wally & Co., L.C. v. Briarcliff Dev. Co.: Broker Awarded Lease Commission

January 14, 2013: 

A Missouri court has considered whether a broker could collect a commission from a commercial lease transaction when the parties had agreed to a lease but had not fixed the monthly base rent.

Scam Complaint Site Now Dormant

January 10, 2013: 

A suspicious Web site that had been misusing the REALTOR® trademark has now been suspended.

Gebhard v Laxmi Vishnu Enterprises Inc: Salesperson Liable for Misrepresentation

January 3, 2013: 

Texas court upholds award to seller, ruling that purchase contract was not accurately disclosed to seller’s representative while seller was out of the country.

Casady v. Fehring: Licensee’s Knowledge Imputed to Client

December 19, 2012: 

Missouri court imputes notice of correct acreage to buyers and so rejects their attempts to claim two additional acres.