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Milner v Biggs: Buyer's Mold Lawsuit Dismissed

December 13, 2012: 

Ohio court finds that claims were not supported by the evidence, as the buyers had never confirmed that mold actually existed on the property.

Fiscal Cliff: What's at Stake for Real Estate

December 11, 2012: 

If Congress doesn't act, foreclosures will rise, home values will drop, and the FHA could get hit with another set of bad loans.

Voyager Village POA v Letourneau: HOA Not Liable for Salesperson's Ads

December 7, 2012: 

Wisconsin court rules that purchaser could not allege harm by the association for the marketing materials prepared by a real estate professional.

Legal Victory for Credit Agencies in Mortgage Ratings Suit

December 4, 2012: 

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of major credit agencies in a case that involved a lawsuit filed by five Ohio pension funds that sought to recoup millions of dollars of losses on risky mortgage debt.

Sotheby's Int'l Realty Inc v The Relocation Group: Duty to Arbitrate Commission Dispute Upheld

November 14, 2012: 

A Connecticut court sends a dispute to a REALTOR® association for a hearing and stays a lawsuit between two members fighting over a commission.

RMLS v. American Home Realty Network: MLS Obtains Injunction Against Website

November 6, 2012: 

A Minnesota federal court has considered whether a multiple listing service was entitled to receive a preliminary injunction for copyright infringement against the company that operates NeighborCity.com for its reposting of the MLS’s copyrighted listing data without permission.

Legal Seminar: Presentations and the Notebook 2012

October 31, 2012: 

Presentations and materials from the notebook that is distributed at the legal seminar program are available here.

Olszewski v NSBAR: Code of Ethics’ Article 14 Upheld by Court

October 31, 2012: 

Illinois court rejects challenge brought by a member who was disciplined for threatening litigation against a consumer who had filed a complaint.

Feds Slap BofA With $1B Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit

October 25, 2012: 

More trouble for Bank of America: Federal prosecutors have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the company, alleging the bank issued "thousands" of bad loans and stuck taxpayers with the bill.

Commentary: Hunt for Strategic Defaulters Overstated

October 19, 2012: 

Recent media reports have suggested that the FHFA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac will start to take severe legal action against strategic defaulters. But are mortgage cops really going to chase down these individuals with the goal of locking them up?