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Wally & Co., L.C. v. Briarcliff Dev. Co.: Broker Awarded Lease Commission

January 14, 2013: 

A Missouri court has considered whether a broker could collect a commission from a commercial lease transaction when the parties had agreed to a lease but had not fixed the monthly base rent.

Scam Complaint Site Now Dormant

January 10, 2013: 

A suspicious Web site that had been misusing the REALTOR® trademark has now been suspended.

Gebhard v Laxmi Vishnu Enterprises Inc: Salesperson Liable for Misrepresentation

January 3, 2013: 

Texas court upholds award to seller, ruling that purchase contract was not accurately disclosed to seller’s representative while seller was out of the country.

Casady v. Fehring: Licensee’s Knowledge Imputed to Client

December 19, 2012: 

Missouri court imputes notice of correct acreage to buyers and so rejects their attempts to claim two additional acres.

Milner v Biggs: Buyer's Mold Lawsuit Dismissed

December 13, 2012: 

Ohio court finds that claims were not supported by the evidence, as the buyers had never confirmed that mold actually existed on the property.

Fiscal Cliff: What's at Stake for Real Estate

December 11, 2012: 

If Congress doesn't act, foreclosures will rise, home values will drop, and the FHA could get hit with another set of bad loans.

Voyager Village POA v Letourneau: HOA Not Liable for Salesperson's Ads

December 7, 2012: 

Wisconsin court rules that purchaser could not allege harm by the association for the marketing materials prepared by a real estate professional.

Legal Victory for Credit Agencies in Mortgage Ratings Suit

December 4, 2012: 

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of major credit agencies in a case that involved a lawsuit filed by five Ohio pension funds that sought to recoup millions of dollars of losses on risky mortgage debt.

Sotheby's Int'l Realty Inc v The Relocation Group: Duty to Arbitrate Commission Dispute Upheld

November 14, 2012: 

A Connecticut court sends a dispute to a REALTOR® association for a hearing and stays a lawsuit between two members fighting over a commission.

RMLS v. American Home Realty Network: MLS Obtains Injunction Against Website

November 6, 2012: 

A Minnesota federal court has considered whether a multiple listing service was entitled to receive a preliminary injunction for copyright infringement against the company that operates NeighborCity.com for its reposting of the MLS’s copyrighted listing data without permission.