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Commission Owed Despite License Law Violation

September 24, 2014: 

Former client must pay commission despite salesperson’s failure to comply with law requiring disclosure of consent order violation to Real Estate Department.

Infographic: 4 Resources from NAR Legal Affairs to Help Your Association or Brokerage Manage Risk

September 18, 2014: 

Find out how NAR Legal Affairs helps your association or brokerage avoid "risky business." 

Court Reverses Verdict Against Broker

September 17, 2014: 

Ohio’s highest court rules that jury instructions didn’t require a finding that salesperson acted within scope of her duties in acts harmful to client.

MLS Access Litigation Summary

September 5, 2014: 

Read NAR's updated litigation summary regarding non-member access to REALTOR® association multiple listing services. 

Video: Legal Pulse 2Q 2014 Highlights

September 3, 2014: 

Highlights from 2Q 2014's Legal Pulse Newsletter in the areas of Agency, RESPA, Property Condition Disclosure, and Ethics Issues.

2Q 2014: Agency, Property Condition Disclosure, RESPA, Ethics

September 3, 2014: 

A summary of legal research on topics that may be a source of legal liability for real-estate licensees: Agency, Property Condition Disclosure, RESPA, and Ethics issues.

Window to the Law: Website Copyright Infringement Protection

September 3, 2014: 

Jessica Edgerton, NAR Associate Counsel, discusses steps you can take to protect your website from infringement claims by employing a "safe harbor" that exists in federal law.

Slides from Window to the Law: Website Copyright Infringement Protection

September 3, 2014: 

View and download the accompanying slide presentation from Window to the Law: Website Copyright Infringement.

FEC Dismisses NAR Complaint

August 27, 2014: 

Commission determines that it would be an inefficient use of resources to pursue member’s complaint over use of her dues for political purposes.

Franchisor May be Included in Labor Violation Disputes

August 14, 2014: 

The National Labor Relations Board has authorized naming franchisor giant McDonald’s USA as a respondent in complaints for labor violations allegedly occurring in franchisees’ restaurants.