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Legal Seminar Program Information

October 15, 2014: 

Information, including session slides and the notebook, for the 2014 Legal Seminar Program, October 16-17 in Chicago.

Court Resolves Team Commission Dispute

October 15, 2014: 

New York Court enforces team commission split agreement and awards plaintiff team member full commission amounts owed pursuant to its terms.

Broker Entitled to Forfeited Earnest Money

October 1, 2014: 

Maine court rules broker could retain half of the forfeited buyers' deposit, even when the broker received a subsequent commission from a sale.

Window to the Law: Core Standards

September 30, 2014: 

Cliff Niersbach, Associate General Counsel of Board Policy & Programs, discusses the resources available to associations regarding the new NAR Core Standards.

Commission Owed Despite License Law Violation

September 24, 2014: 

Former client must pay commission despite salesperson’s failure to comply with law requiring disclosure of consent order violation to Real Estate Department.

Infographic: 4 Resources from NAR Legal Affairs to Help Your Association or Brokerage Manage Risk

September 18, 2014: 

Find out how NAR Legal Affairs helps your association or brokerage avoid "risky business." 

Court Reverses Verdict Against Broker

September 17, 2014: 

Ohio’s highest court rules that jury instructions didn’t require a finding that salesperson acted within scope of her duties in acts harmful to client.

MLS Access Litigation Summary

September 5, 2014: 

Read NAR's updated litigation summary regarding non-member access to REALTOR® association multiple listing services. 

Video: Legal Pulse 2Q 2014 Highlights

September 3, 2014: 

Highlights from 2Q 2014's Legal Pulse Newsletter in the areas of Agency, RESPA, Property Condition Disclosure, and Ethics Issues.

2Q 2014: Agency, Property Condition Disclosure, RESPA, Ethics

September 3, 2014: 

A summary of legal research on topics that may be a source of legal liability for real-estate licensees: Agency, Property Condition Disclosure, RESPA, and Ethics issues.