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Liability of Dual Agent Upheld

July 16, 2014: 

Ohio court finds that evidence supported jury verdict that dual agent failed to properly advise client about certain conditions on the property.

Independent Contractor Status Frequently Asked Questions

July 8, 2014: 

Frequently asked questions regarding worker classification of real estate agents by brokerages, compiled by NAR's Legal Affairs department.

Window to the Law: Worker Classification for Real Estate Professionals

July 2, 2014: 

This video gives an overview of the legal distinction between an “independent contractor” and an “employee” and discusses various state and federal laws concerning this distinction that pertain to real estate professionals.

Affiliated Businesses Land in RESPA Hot Water

July 2, 2014: 

Large broker with affiliated title company fined $500K for failing to comply with RESPA.

Canada's New Email Rules

July 2, 2014: 

As of July 1st, 2014, Canada has new requirements for senders of commercial emails sent to or within Canada that differ from the U.S. requirements.

"Coming Soon” – Is it in the Seller’s Best Interest?

June 16, 2014: 

A broker’s decision to market a seller’s property as “coming soon” must always be made based on the client’s informed determination of what best serves the client’s interests. NAR General Counsel Katie Johnson further explores the topic.

Listing Salesperson Held to Owe Duty to Buyer

June 11, 2014: 

Where listing salesperson and buyer’s rep are licensed under the same broker, both have the same fiduciary duties to all parties to the transaction.

Window to the Law: RESPA

June 5, 2014: 

NAR's Legal Affairs staff explains the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and how it affects REALTORS®.

Guidance on Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

June 5, 2014: 

Members who utilize marketing-related emails, texts, and other electronic communication tools in their Canadian business should familiarize themselves with this Anti-Spam legislation.


June 2, 2014: 

NAR has compiled below a list of questions that we commonly receive about the Real Estate Settlement Act, or “RESPA”, for both real estate professionals and REALTOR® associations.