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Louisiana ACORN Fair Hous. Org. v. Jaffe: Fair Housing Lawsuit Based on Tester's Phone Call Dismissed

November 1, 2000: 

A federal court considered whether a housing group could bring a lawsuit against a landlord alleging violations of both the federal and state fair housing laws, based entirely on a three-minute phone conversation between a tester for the group and a representative of the owner.

Ruble v. Reich: Nebraska Licensee Does Not Have Duty to Explain Contract Term to Client

October 1, 2000: 

The Supreme Court of Nebraska considered the question of whether a seller’s agent has a duty to inform his client of the terms of an agreement signed by the client.

Montana Chamber of Commerce v. Argenbright: Montana's Restrictions on Corporate Political Contributions Unconstitutional

October 1, 2000: 

A federal appellate court considered whether a state can stop a corporation from making direct financial contributions to ballot issue campaigns.

Marthon v. Maple Grove Condominium Assoc.: Jury to Decide Fair Housing Claims Made by Condominium Resident with Tourette's Syndrome

October 1, 2000: 

A federal court considered whether a condominium association's management company is required to make a reasonable accommodation for a resident afflicted with Tourette's syndrome.

Dalton Inv., Inc. v. Nooney Co.: Bank's Prior Recorded Lien Trumps Commercial Broker's Lien

October 1, 2000: 

A Missouri court decided whether a validly recorded bank lien has priority over a broker's lien under the Missouri Commercial Real Estate Brokers Lien Act ("Act").

Austin Board of REALTORS® v. E-Realty, Inc.: Court Dissolves Injunction in Austin Board/E-Realty Case

September 1, 2000: 

The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, recently dissolved the preliminary injunction it entered against the Austin Board of REALTORS® ("Board") and its wholly-owned MLS subsidiary, Austin/Central Texas Realty Information Service. The facts of this case were previously reported in The Letter of the Law- click here to read the prior summary. To summarize, the Board had initially filed suit against E-Realty for copyright infringement, based on E-Realty's use of MLS data.

Szwast v. Carlton Apartments: Judge Reduces Large Verdict for Fair Housing Violations

September 1, 2000: 

A federal court considered an apartment building owner's challenge to a jury's punitive damages award for violations of the federal Fair Housing Act ("Act").

Crawford v. McNulty: Court Upholds NAR's Arbitration Rules

September 1, 2000: 

A Massachusetts court recently considered a challenge to an arbitration award stemming from a commission dispute.

Framer Realty, Inc. v. Ross: Broker Who First Showed Buyers Property Argues Buyer Representative was Unjustly Enriched

September 1, 2000: 

A Florida appellate court recently considered whether a broker who introduced buyers to a property could proceed with a lawsuit that claimed that a broker who ultimately represented the buyers was unjustly enriched.

Sonnenschein v. Douglas Elliman-Gibbons & Ives: Broker Does Not Owe Heightened Duty to Seller Involved in Sale Negotiations

September 1, 2000: 

A New York court considered whether a broker had breached its fiduciary duty to a seller when it showed the buyers another property after the buyers and sellers had negotiated an oral agreement for the sale of the sellers' property.